Equinox – Intense energies and more to come!

sunset_white_rock_alke_Dallas_Lucy_Bee-e1340193245202EQUINOX and MORE!

INTENSE shifts continue. Much inner time and peace within to listen to the small still voice is paramount! ALL is becoming ever more ALIVE and REAL to us if we are attuned. Busy heads and minds may miss it!

Create stillness, peace and breath in the ever increasing intelligent sustenance of the Breath of Life that continues to be upgraded. Every day NEW LIGHT comes in. Every day, WE, humanity are experiencing NEW, for our path is carved under our very physical feet from the energies we are transforming within.
Hold space with the Earth, the Elements, the Elementals, The Angelic Ones.

Allow your self to be open to receive. This is a KEY component. For receiving is very difficult for many. Giving can be easier yet to receive is just as important for the cycle of flow. And now we are to RECEIVE many new lights and truly moreso about experiencing the new clearer perspectives and experiences it brings.
New Lights have been given to us all throughout this process and now they become ever finer, more compact with ever increasing God code intelligence that our bodies, our energies, our Soul self KNOWS.

A new expanding Self is emerging. ALLOW it to happen. Holding on to old limiting constructs only keeps one more and more unhappy, miserable, and missing the grand shift taking place.

All heart based, yet it is the experience from the inside out. Consciousness expanding. Creator expanding through us and revivifying us into more of our God Self.

Thank you CREATOR for ALL!

Hold ceremony, today, tomorrow and every day. Honor the Holiness of that Which is ALL days and ALL moments.

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