Monthly Global Heart Meditation

We joyously gathering in community to create a monthly space for meditating in the energy & vibration of love and to send out to our planet. Love is all you need. This is a loving space for utilizing the synergy of our energy to elevate our planet.””

You are lovingly invited –

To join in creating cosmic community for this sacred multidimensional ceremony as we are bring in the patterns for our New Earth. Raise your personal and planetary vibration to Love or above. Help expedite our positive path forward.

To gather in community of

One Heart

One Mind

One Love

Join in community and gather to send out love to our planet and to all people. Together, when we gather in community our energy, our prayers, our love is felt and heard.

With our planet and our global community experiencing so many upheavals, shifts, uprisings, earth changes….come together in support of our earth, our global community. Share in loving heartfelt intention and meditation and prayer for uplifting all people and creating space for bringing in more peace, compassion, love, harmony and balance.

The focus is on love, love and more love. Connecting all hearts together as one heart of intense love and healing.

The Key Ingredient –

The Love vibration one that heals, that connects, that strengthens, that tones, loves, that heals, that changes physics and matter, that elevates, that opens door, potentials and possibilities. Unconditional love.