Global Weekly Prayer, Blessing, Love, Peace Intention Space

Let us gather in intent as One Heart, One Love. ONE.

Loving and open hearted intent is held
weekly, globally at 10 pm CDT for acknowledgement
wholeness, well-being, highest good, most benevolent outcome, balance, peace, joy and
experiencing all as love expressed for all, everything, everyone and our beloved planet.  We open hearts for guidance and firming our connection with Source/One.

 prayer d

Free.  Virtual connection. 

This is not a physical location, but a place of divine open heart connection with intention, attention, focused thought, prayer, vision and knowing.


Every Sunday at 10:00 pm CDT
“NOW time rules in effect – tune in anytime to this Sacred Space always held  in Light”

Tune in.  Place your heart intention Receive and Radiate Love.
Bask in the energies of purity of  Divine Light.
KNOW all is in Divine order and perfection!

The power of many gathered in like intent amplifies many times the potency, power and purpose.
When two or more are gathered….

All paths of belief are honored.  This is a spiritual, holy and sacred space for All.

Every week purposeful heartspace is created with sacred intent for focusing on all people, animals, plants, Earth – ALL.

Intention for purposeful attention of acknowledging wholeness, healing,  guidance, of balance, of clarity and envisioning all held in the Golden White Light of Creator’s perfection.


Our prayers, our requests, are heard before they are ever spoken.  We simply are returning back to the state of truth that we are whole, perfect, Divine and love expressed.

You do not need to sign up or send anything to participate in this Holy Heart Space of Sacred Intention and Ceremony.  Only your intent is necessary.

 What to expect?

However you receive and what you may or may not feel is perfect as the blessings, energies and intent are powerful and work way beyond the physical knowningness, beyond what our mind and body perceives.   It is very possible to feel: warm, tingling, a sense of peace, deep relaxation, perhaps visioning colors, waves of energies, some just have pleasant thoughts and feelings, others mention feeling very loved or even fuzzy headed.  Yet, some fall asleep…and this is okay.  For whatever you are experiencing with your loving intent, you and ALL receive in the moment and beyond the power of these loving energies as do their work to assist us in a time frame that is appropriate and not timed by any measurement or clock.  Relax, release and enjoy.


Prayer and Healing 10 pm CDT, Sundays

Formed in 2011, we always begin from a place of gratitude with our hearts, knowing all is perfect in all ways at all times.  We anchor, lock and seal the space into the Unified Field of consciousness of the One Source.

We apply that which we know as the 12D Shield and command our personal space as God Sovereign Free for all Beings.

To participate, if possible and called to do so, create a quiet space of non interruption or disturbance to receive and radiate the Light energies.   Relax, close your eyes and be.  You need not do anything and actually, it is best if you just clear your mind and focus into your heartspace knowing All is Well as it can be no other way.

If you are sending your request for another, please hold them in your inner vision and heartspace, then let all go and relax in a space of receiving these loving vibrations, prayers, blessings …..always knowing all is well, all is answered in the most perfect and divine way.

If you can not participate at this specific time…do when you can and know you receive the energies, the love, the prayers no matter what the “time” is as all truly is in one grand space of NOW time.  You can never “miss out”.

 All is sent forth with the request for the highest good, of the highest order, with the loving Light of our Divine Creator.   Holy Light, Holy Love is sent forth x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 infinity x the speed of Love.

We KNOW that energy travels through walls, through people, beyond our perceptions through galaxies, through time and space.  Prayers are answered instantly as we come together in amplified pure intent through our heart space with love.


Know that all is in perfect unfoldment and harmony.

We are HOME in the Eternal Living Light.

Know that you are surrounded by the Holy Light of God, The Holy Light of God, The Holy Light of God.

Blessings be to each of you upon this day.

We seal and end our session into the the Light of truth and wholeness and union.

WE thank you God.  Thank you God.  Thank you God.

And so it is.

God sovereign freePic from