Aspects of Ascension – Class every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month

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Date(s) - 04/26/2012
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary



Aspects of Ascension – Waking up to Love

Organic Discussion and Loveshop
with experientials, spiritual connection and guidance
and loving energetic heartfelt sharing


Energetic Exchange is – $25 or bring a friend for $44
7-8:30pm  Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month

All are welcomed, anyone at any time.
No prerequisite…..except,
being a human!

The time is NOW!  We humans are expanding our hearts and consciousness!  As we each are making this great leap to expanded levels of Being, it can be quite challenging and confusing.  Our bodies ache, our head can be foggy and our bodies tired.    Life is no longer the same as we know it to be.  Our minds, our bodies, our perceptions, our abilities, our senses are changing.   Our inner and outer worlds are rapidly shifting into something new and grand. Signs and symptoms of ascension taking place are everywhere.

This space of enlightenment is opened up for us in connection to the Higher Realms to explore the many paths, processes, unfoldments and tools for fully, lovingly and consciously participating and accelerating our individual and collective path of personal expansion/ascension.

In walking this path myself and being the skeptic full of book and brain knowledge to now, being a human bridge for this dimension and beyond with access to my higher Self and beyond, I have a wealth of personal experiences with first-hand knowledge of how real it is and the evidenced results of  the continual  loving transformation of Self.

We will have quite the time in energies of  love, joy, fun, openness along with exponential help from our eager and oh so ready guiding ones in the Spiritual and Angelic realms.  Each of which are ready to merge with us so we move into our ascended aspects.

In this loving forum, there are many Aspects of Ascension to share and behold!  You will have your own personal experiences of great insight and purpose, of increased levels of awareness, activations of the heart, soul, and consciousness.  Feel greater levels of love and receive clarity, answer to burning questions, helpful expanding self-tools, Divine Self processes for opening up your own direct connection to your higher heart, to your path of innate wisdom  and Voice of the Divine within.

The format will be; conversational, sharing, meditative, experiential, quantum and multidimensional as we explore a bounty of gifts.   For each of us there is an overflowing well of processes, visuals, meditations, books, teachings, sacred geometry, energies, vibrational tools, sounds, sacred texts, understandings of energy management and of onsciousness expansion.

We will be moving in and out of the dimensionalities. We will lovingly release ourselves from much old programming and from dense energies into higher states of consciously, expanded living, and loving our Selves and to zoom beyond pesky fears and disbeliefs!

It is part activation, it is part remembering it is part assimilating, it is part brain, reason, ego and mind illumination.  It is recalibrating and reconfiguring the way we think, sense and discern our course of living as a human, to becoming an en-Light-ened being.  It is the most empowering feeling ever to know who you are from within your own Self!

So, come join me as there is much to do and enjoy as we change and so does our Earth and reality.

I am here to be of service, to be your guide, your companion, your source of wisdom, tools and remembrance.  All of which is for your discernment and validation by your own sacred space of heart connection.


Bookings are closed for this event.