Celebration – Door to 3D Closes

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Date(s) - 03/30/2013
7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary


One Door Closes, Another Opens On March 21st

Humanity moves into the New Light of the New Earth and the door to the 3D paradigm is officially closed! 


Messages of Light,  Harmonics,
Group Light Code Activations and Energeticx
with Renee Snider
7:00 to 9 p.m.    ~    Love Donation

The door to 3D creations stops on 3-21 and only the remaining vibrations will play out.  We now step fully into the unfoldment of the Living Loving Light of our New Earth.  Spring bursts forth and so do we beyond our wildest dreams, imagination and beliefs!  Come share in the joy and celebration as our ever present Family of Light enlightens us with the Language of Light with words, geometries, activations, harmonics, energies, colors, sounds, frequencies, inner vision, expansive spaces of love consciousness and more!

Our dimensions are melding, hidden truths emerge, heart awakenings continue, fears and doubts dissolve.  

Receive, experience, indulge your senses, soak up love energies, free your mind and flow with your soul into the expansiveness of bliss reality.  

Our Family of Light shares –
“We wish to speak on earth changes, shifts, man’s role and the next steps. Much to happen in all ways and on all human fronts.
The lesson plan is now complete for humanity.  Time to step up and out of the school of learning.  All are now in graduate status.  
Spring begins for the Hu-Man as we ride into the season. New Energy. New Growth.  New Way of Being.  It is the journey unfolding into the highest levels of Light ever experienced on Gaia in the combination of plants, mineral and human in transition back to the Highest Holy Self.
Like a seed sprouting after time in darkness and shelter, now through the Sun, the Light of the Living God streams and beams in with Living Light, activating and awakening each from slumber into the intelligent coded programs of God Transformation.   A New Earth truly begins to emerge before our eyes!  Celebrate!”