Community Celebration of Light and Evening Gallery Event

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Date(s) - 09/29/2012
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary

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You are most lovingly invited to come and join us in our Quarterly Celebration of Light Community Event and Open House!   

 Bring your friends and family to share in the festivities of joy and enlightenment. 

Join in creating and growing your ever expanding Community of Light.  Come play in the energies all day and evening.  There is something to do and enjoy in every moment.  Partake in a variety of activities, fun, socializing, sharings, interactive events and a variety of Light Work.

Commune and share over snacks and whole foods.  Pop in and out to enjoy what you desire.. Come in and see what Lightworkers Sanctuary is all about. We are here to serve the community by providing pathways of Light such as –  information, insights, books, energy, tools, music, modalities, education, experience and more to assist you on your path of personal growth and unfoldment.  Come into the Light to raise your vibration!

It all starts at 11:00 am on Saturday September 29th

                  IT IS A GRAND EVENT!

There will be munchies all day.  Come enjoy and your are welcome to contribute a yummy item for all to share.  Come and chat, mingle, share and participate.  Events and sessions are offered at very special exchanges.

  Book a 30, 45 or 60 minute session! – All by donation on this special community sharing day.


All events are by donation.


Activity of Light

1:00pm  till 2:00 pm    Love Donation

Playing with Divine Energy                RSVP

Paula Baldock

Join Paula Baldock as she takes you on a journey with Spirit through a channeled meditation/visualization. Paula has been channeling these visualizations from the Higher Realms for the past several months and those who have experienced them have had some amazing experiences. Some have seen and felt Spirit. Others have experienced healing. If you simply need an energy boost, join her on this fun and healing adventure playing with Divine Energy.

Activity of Light- 
3:00 pm – 4:30pm  Love Donation

The Circle of Light                         RSVP 

Renee Snider

Come into the Circle of Light for illumination, enlightenment, love connection and elevation of your soul self!

 As a Channel and Voice of Light, Renee works with you by connecting to expanded realms of Light, of energy, of Holy Connection. A space where you receive answers, healing, balancing, clarity, and profound shifts.  Many amazing insights come forth and energies for awakening your heart and soul.  Always powerful, profound and healing.

Bhakti Yoga – Singing and Chanting
7pm – 9pm                     Love Donation

Shanti and Surya 

Shanti and Surya share their passion of Bhakti Yoga through music.  Come join them in experiencing the vibration of sound that lives within the body and the expression of love and unity consciousness through sound, song and chanting! 


Dan Coppersmith


Noon until 6:00 pm
Dan Coppersmith –  Poet and a Writer


Enjoy original and heartfelt poetry reading by Dan Coppersmith in our community room. Dan, who lovingly wordsmiths deep emotion and feeling into words,will be sharing his creative works all day!  Come feel and hear the love.   
Come expecting to spend time relaxing and receiving “deep” refreshment  for both your body and soul…and some time basking in the healing insight, “deep delight”, and laughter from  the sacred “core” of you–your heart and soul.


Lending Library – Bring a metaphysical, spiritual, uplifting, expansive, self-help, book, CD, etc for our ever growing sharing library!

Come spend the day in the Light, connect with our growing awakening community of Light.  come in anytime, stay for a little or a lot or come and go and come back again!