Community Celebration of Light and Evening Gallery Event

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Date(s) - 06/30/2012
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary

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You are most lovingly invited to come and join us in this new Quarterly Celebration of Light!   Our Spring Celebration was so delightful and well received, we want to do it again and again!  So we ARE!  We are excited!  

 Bring your friends and family to share in the festivities of joy and enlightenment. 

Join in creating and growing your ever expanding Community of Light.  Come play in the energies all day and evening.  There is something to do and enjoy in every moment.  Partake in a variety of activities, fun, socializing, sharings, interactive events and a variety of Light Work.

Commune and share over snacks and whole foods.  Pop in and out to enjoy what you desire.. Come in and see what Lightworkers Sanctuary is all about. We are here to serve the community by providing pathways of Light such as –  information, insights, books, energy, tools, music, modalities, education, experience and more to assist you on your path of personal growth and unfoldment.  Come into the Light to raise your vibration!

It all starts at 11:00 am on Saturday June 30th!                    IT IS A GRAND EVENT!

There will be munchies all day.  Come enjoy and your are welcome to contribute a yummy item for all to share.  Come and chat, mingle, share and participate.  Events and sessions are offered at very special exchanges.

Sessions will be $1 per minute!~  Book a 30, 45 or 60 minute session!


Events are just $10

From 1-2  Irving Napert will share on THE POWER OF THE PYRAMIDS!

For more than 10,000 years pyramids have piqued the curiosity of people. Why were they built? What do they do?

From 3-4:30  CIRCLE OF LIGHT

Come into the Circle of Light for illumination, enlightenment, love connection and elevation of your soul self!


and from 11-6 amongst the chatting, munching, connecting, events….enjoy

Soothing Music and Poetic Bliss from Steven Lightspring

Noon until 6:00 pm

Come expecting to spend time relaxing and receiving “deep” refreshment  for both your body and soul…and some time basking in the healing insight, “deep delight”, and laughter from  the sacred “core” of you–your heart and soul.

Steven  D. Lightspring  knows his calling is to be “the Eagle”.

His deepest delight is to point others to “the skies of their spirit” by sharing, …most  peacefully, passionately, and playfully… words and music to hopefully “uplift” each hearer to “rest into” and tap into their own deepest sense of passion and purpose…and most of all…deeeelight!


Then from 7-9 pm –  I am hosting a Light Gallery – 2 hours.

Come and step into the Light.  In this unique forum of multi dimensionality, Renee, as a melded channel, brings in a compilation energy of “The One’ and The Great Council of Light and other Christed Beings – of our Family of Light.

Christed Beings of Light known to us as Archangels, Masters & Lords of Light, our highest aspects, all of whom are in great service to Humanity, especially at this time of the Great Shift.   With this sharing of Light Transmissions, the experience also brings in some powerful and consciousness shifting energies of love and personal unfoldment.

In this forum, All is open for questions to assist us in better understanding and truly remembering our origin, our lineage to God, and how we are evolving back into higher vibrational beings/humans.    Real, practical, powerful wisdom comes forth so we can better manage and accelerate our individual paths back to knowingness, remembrance and self empowerment.   Renee stands as a Way Shower for humanity as an expanding human on the path of ascension, expanding consciousness and aligning with thy Holy Self.

Lending Library – Bring a metaphysical, spiritual, uplifting, expansive, self-help, book, CD, etc for our ever growing sharing library!

Come spend the day in the Light, connect with our growing awakening community of Light.  come in anytime, stay for a little or a lot or come and go and come back again!