Enlightened Conversations with “The One”

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Date(s) - 05/11/2012
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary


A monthly intimate and sacred gathering of enlightened conversation and information with “The One” (a compilation energy like Abraham-Hicks).   It is an opportunity to ask questions directly to the Spiritual Realms of Ligh.

We’ll chat and channel about the role of our Earth and us as hu-mans in the ascension process currently happening and accelerating.  This covers MANY aspects of our experience and allows us to  better understand and manage this individual, yet collective process.

As we each are walking and  awakening to many new perspectives of long held beliefs and new incoming inner heart nudges and insights, “The One” lovingly and openly shares the Higher Purpose and Plan for our existence.  We KNOW this at our soul level and the energies and insights that are shared awaken us to higher truths.  All based in love, truth and compassion for our human experience.

Bring your questions, open heart and mind for deep energies and insights.  The Higher Vibrational Realms call us “The Grand Experiment”  in vibration and will share the now/future potentials that exist for us as we collectively co-create it.

There are always loving and transformational energies that come in to elevate and expand our Being.  This is a space of love, connection, oneness and remembrance.   It is a multi dimensional field that brings with it, not only wisdom and high truth, but also transformational energies that gently and lovingly activate your cellular wisdom, but also attune you to receive higher frequencies of love.

Please be mindful of the time  – be a little early or “right on time” as once we all connect in the high energetic space of multidimensionality, we call the circle complete and commence with heart, soul and mind connection.

Energetic Exchange is $11.   You may RSVP here or to Lightworkers Sanctuary directly or just drop on in!


Bookings are closed for this event.