Masters Retreat of Rainbow Light

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Date(s) - 08/09/2014
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Sri Shanti Sanctuary


Our loving Family of Light has now upgraded this space in concert with the increased energy on this planet and expanding service of this space

Masters Retreat of Rainbow Light
firmamenting into the physical plane
Always a Circle of Light

Our Family of Light and their radiances come forth with loving  purpose for creating with us
a most magical, empowering, healing and loving Masters Retreat of Discourse, of Enlightenment, of CoCreating a New Earth together.rainbowflames
We are encircled with Holy Lights of Creator and
the Language of Light

Loving conversation, tools and energies are shared with powerful resonances and codes of Light and Love to assist us in our awakening process –  our expansion of Heart, Soul and Consciousness.

  Remembrance of our Divinity is the goal, the evolution – Ascension
Oneness with All That Is.

 The Rainbow Light Retreat of the Masters offers to all:

unconditional love
connection with Creator Source
peace beyond all peace
increased clarity
ever finer connection to your I AM Presence
heart openings and expansions
release of old internal programs
healings/wholeness reengaged
enlightenment from Divine Mind
consistent chakra, energetic body, DNA upgrades
forum to ask questions of the Councils of Light
community with like minded ones
preparedness for service and purpose
dropping the veils and illusions
connection to Truth, Love, Wisdom – tri-fold flame
receipt of the seven paths of the Language of Light
Teleportation, out of physical body travel
Group Merkaba
activations of atomic, subatomic, photonic matrices
powerful amplification of group energies-
proxing for humanity
attunements of John of God/Atlantean/
Pleadian Astro Scientists
Establishing New Earth foundations and structures
Star Origins ignited, loving expressions of Self
infinite space of inner and solar planes,
multiverse and Omniverse

With immeasurable love and sacredness
Always more than we can say, speak, imagine or conceive

This is the New Earth Now in loving community.  Join us

   Come, sit and simply enjoy all that unfolds.
Nothing you need to do or bring but your own beautiful Self!

Suggested Abundance Sharing is $22 and is received with gratitude

All are welcomed no matter contribution.

Know you are always in abundance of all
Allow nothing keep you from the Light!

Remote attendance
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  Donate and receive the MP3 of the Retreat Gathering
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