Masters Retreat -Solstice, Prosperity, Prayer, Peace, Gaia Ceremony (1)

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Date(s) - 06/21/2014
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


 Beloved Ones All!

spiral sun

Let us gather for Two Sacred Summer Solstice Ceremonies and Unity Consciousness Light Activities  with the Company of Heaven on June 21st!

Attend in the physical if in the Dallas Texas Area*, or add your heart space intent to connect to the group consciousness. Please add your Light so we may amplify our voice to The company of Heaven for our Collective Next Steps for Humanity unfolding our Good!

HUGE DAY!  Two gatherings, One Heart.  Each Ceremony honoring different aspects of our collective anchoring in of further New Lights upon our beloved Earth and into our energy bodies.  A Holy Day of Grand Magnitude

3-4:30 pm  Masters Retreat of Rainbow Light 

 In the Light of the Masters we receive Sacred Discourse and celebrate the Summer Solstice in concordance with a multitude of Ceremonies, Celebrations, Rituals for the honoring and upliftment of all Life.  A continuity of expansion of Ascending Sacred Self.    Sacred Space – Sacred Site.


5-6:30 pm  Solstice Ceremony of Multiple Lights

We go yet deeper  into the Etheric Retreat Energies and Vortex opened to receive, expand and radiate with our sisters and brothers physical and non for merkaba travel around our planet and beyond.  Personal attunements of Light and Light transmissions bond us in this omniverse Portal.

Harmonics, Crystal Singing Bowls and Pyramid, Toning

lokotaAs a collective group consciousness we will co-create and align with multiple Light activities around our planet!  As we come together we amplify these holy works for the benefit of All  – World Prayer  Day, World Peace Day and honoring the Sacred Sites with the LaKota ,

The Ascended Masters created the Masters Retreat of Rainbow Light and share it is a Sacred Site, an etheric Retreat manifesting into this earthly plane.  It connects to All sacred sites on and off planet connected by the ley lines and communication structuring continuing to reestablish its true purpose in all realms.

As an Ambassador of Light with the Children of the Sun, in partnership we assist in the activation of 44 Portacosls of Prosperity  – a piece of a larger Light Endeavor  – please enjoy enriching self with more info on purpose, decrees MP3 support and individual participation

Standing in our Goddess Light and representation of the Divine Feminine Council of Light and the Order of the Rose we bring these Lights forth to assist with a group collective Light force in Ibiza, Spain and globally.   sisterhoodroseThe Grand Trine of Eris, Lilith and Chariklo deeper activating  the Planetary Goddess archetype and honoring the Sisterhood of the Rose.



Honoring Global prayer for “Water & Environment” on the 22nd    we add this precious focus into theSolstice Ceremonies of the 21st anchoring in for Gaia and joining with this sacred purpose and group consciousness. Hosted by Project Golden Apple.


There is more…as our Collective Consciousness is  growing in awareness and holy actionation of our inherent powers of Holy creation!  Our Magnificence shines illuminating all of Gaia and all of Hue-Manity.


So Beloved Ones, we have our loving purpose our heavenly work, our joy, our demonstration of our collective power to put into Cause.  For the Universal Law remains, we are the CAUSE of the EFFECT we choose.  As we rise in the Holy Light of Creator Source within and without, above and below, we combine our human will with that of our own Master Selves and our Guiding Teams, Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Teachers, Galactic and Cosmic Family, Councils of Light.  In doing so, we are gifted with being Overlighted with the Higher Lights of the Masters and Creator.  By our will, Thy Will be Done. And so it is!


It is with GREAT JOY that we co-create these sanctioned Activities of Light with the Company of Heaven.  Let us gather as One Heart, One Mind, One Intent, One Consciousness.  And so it is!


Please enjoy wearing white, purple, gold or any combination. Bring your stones/gems for amplifying and receiving these many New Lights.   Join with us in the Holy Realms of Light to ever further ourselves into the Divinity and firmament our NOW  Golden Age of Truth/Love Reality!

Blessings abound.  Oh Holy Ones, come forth and receive the blessings to be bestowed.

Each gathering is by donation

*physical location Garland Texas – Sri Shanti Sanctuary.  Please call for address if attending and not already known.  Love and blessings to you!