Open House, Open Heart Day – My Sanctuary 4-14-13

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Date(s) - 04/14/2013
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm





Spring Fling is the Thing.  Bring your loving Self over for a day of ozzing in the love vibes in and outside.

3:15 pm- Activity of Light – Group Connection with GodHead and Family of Light –

Healing sessions available most of day – Schedule time  – call or email to reserve your space.

Joyful connections, fun, laughter, sharing, merrymaking abound.  In this timeless space, enjoy COmmUNITY .  Enjoy your Self.

Blessed with portals, vortexes, energies, non-physical Light Beings, orbs, arcs of Light, door openings, lights flashing, and other multidimensional daily activities await all.  Vibrations of love, enlightenment, joy and playfulness are continuous and ever present.  Float in and absorb the Light.

This invitation is extended to you to join me with an open Heart at my Sri Shanti Sanctuary
(Holy Sanctuary of Peace)  for a full day of relaxing in energies of pure Love and Light.

I open my Heart and Home to you….with love again!

It has been a magical process to open up my personal sanctuary in this way and feel the love of COmmUNITY.  I AM LOVING each of you and feel SO blessed!

We are in the New Age, New Earth, New Energies, New potentials, New EVERYTHING NOW!    Everything is expanding.  We each are feeling it in our hearts and it is to be shared.    So, come partake.  Indulge.  Enjoy the atmosphere.  Play with my ever growing connection of Crystalline Jewels.

Loving service offered:

Indulge yourSelf with time on the Lava Table of Love for receiving some powerful healing and DNA activating energies.  Melchizedek Reiki. Language of Light.  Hands on Healing.  Celestial Light Session with Color and Aroma Therapy for a multi mix of alignments, activations and attunments to all of your energetic bodies – mental, physical, emotional, light..  Or receive some specific insight from The Masters and Hierarchy of Light.   Attune your heart, mind and body with Heart Harmonics Sound Healing – with Crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, bells, “I AM” tuning forks and Solfeggio Toning for healing, activating DNA, clearing, aligning chakras and releasing what ever is ready to go!

Receive your session upstairs on the Heavenly Healing Table of Lava Love.  It named itself rightly so! All agree it is a cushy loving soft cloud of Feather Down than encompasses you like a melting marshmallow of fluffiness.  On the table receive energetically whatever best serves you in the moment and choose your type of personal session for expansion and healing.

11:00 – noon, 12:00 – 1:00, 2:00 – 3:00
Activity of Light at 3:15 pmish…group
4:30 – 5:30,
6-7:00, 8-9:00

Table time is   30 minutes – $33     or one hour $55

Or if you just desire time for direct connection to receive counsel, or ask questions directly with the Family of Light and dimensions of Truth – 30 min – $30.

Downstairs –  For ALL
Bring something yummy to share

Kitchen – High Vibe Foods (mostly!!) – fruits, veggies, super foods, nuts,  Blessed Artisan Crystal Grid Water charged with a multitude of loving crystals and gems and filled with some of my special Sacred Gem Essences for personal expansion.

Cozy Zen Den Gathering for couching out, reclining, warm listening or watching or relaxing to a varied option of Inspirational, relaxing, spiritual DVDs –   in the midst of an array of crystals, books, spiritual tools and toys, etc.

The “I AM” LIVING room –   Sink into leather couches, a massage chair, vibe with the foot massager, play with many loving crystals of consciousness and healing, New Oils, Sacred geometry, kaleidoscopes, books and cards,  creativity table for sharing, playing, oils, music, harmonics, etc….

Perfect Patio area –  Gaia, the Elementals and the Devic Kingdom await you to connect!    The back area is a  sea of green ivy overflowing everywhere!  My evergreen Juniper is now beautifully adorned with glittering gold and purple ornaments and chimes that ring out harmonics when the winds play with them. Squirrels and birds are active and enjoy the doves, cardinals, mockingbirds, robins, owls and sparrows.   A new vibrant burnt auburn birdbath hosts a water haven for birds to play in.  Enjoy plenty of seating in and out of the sun.  Blooms abound with Red and Purple Flame Salvias, Delphiums, Asiatic Lillies, Hyacinth, Phlox amongst the ferns and ivy.

A day to relax, fill your mind, bodies with high vibe energies, foods, company, conversation, crystals, harmonics, tones and aromas and the love of community!  Come and stay, play, chill, relax as you desire.

You do not have to “book time on the table” to come share in the day. Just come to connect with loving like minded ones, come sit in bliss energies and enjoy a bounty of love, blessed food, music and community.

Please call me to schedule your time on the table at 214-533-1013 and state time and how long. or send me an email to

 Scheduling from 11:30 -9;00 pm.. 

Crystals – You KNOW how I love MY Crystalline Children!  🙂  I have several to share some ecrown royal diamond light 2ver expansive energies – GOD CODE, Nebula, Azezulite, Satayloka, New Kyanite with AA Michael purposed, Sacred geometry,13th Gate Crystals, Garnet, Golden Himalayan Azezulite,  Quartz Cluster from India, Labadorite Pyramid, Smokey Quartz Oblique and more and more and more!

For your journey and just love, I am offering many new crystal beings for abundance exchange.   I DO love crystals and honor them for the grand service they perform.  Each one holds many activations, information, encodements, profound brazilianpoints1awakenings, records, keys, languages, and so much more.  They speak to who we truly are and help us beyond what we can conceive at this time.  It is a joy and a mission to introduce crystals into the population to further, me and humanity.   –  They are all expansive crystalline Beings of higher origin and seek to share the long held information they hold with you.

Looking for good homes are:- Most beautiful Quartz Brazilian Points, St Germain Chevron Wands, 13th 2013-01-24 16.44.33_The Colony_Texas_USGate Crystals, A few pieces of phenacite, Pink Lemurians, Lemurian Seed,   AAMichael polished Kyanite, Sataloyka, Lemurian Jade, Soft and Angelic Calcite Spheres, Rose Quartz Wands, Select Aqua Aura Points (Alchemical process of gold infused over Crystal) with activations of AAMichael , Blue Lapis, Honey Calcite, Black Tourmaline…..

If this calls to you, contact me to RSVP for the day and let me know your preferred time for the Table and the type of session your desire.  And if you have any $ issues, connect with me for a creative energetic exchange!

Since this is my home, there is a limited amount of space, so RSVP is most appreciated and for sure needed for your time on the table and for directions.      214-533-1013

Love to you!  And come play, relax and just BE!