Open House, Open Heart Day – My Sanctuary

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Date(s) - 11/18/2012
11:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Beloved Ones – Let’s do it again!

This invitation is extended to you to join me with an open Heart at my sanctuary for a full day of relaxing in energies of extreme Love and Light.

I open my Heart and Home to you….with love again!

THIS ROCKED IN LOVING BLISS!  WOW!  Thank you for coming and creating such wonderful soup of love and light.


The VISION  -As day of us BE-ing, FLOW-ing, CARE-FREE.  A space for feeling peaceful, joyful, loving, fun, relaxing, self nurtured, playful, & totally energetic with many vibes to soak up & elevate your BE-ing!

All is offered to just have an open space for playing and partaking in a variety of energetics. Available will be:




Upstairs – The Heavenly Healing Table of Lava Love! – A perfect retreat!  Here is where you will melt and be under my …influence and intention of loving energies!  🙂   Sacred space.  My massage table is like a cloud, thick, soft, comfy and nurturing….sink in and float away in bliss.  🙂


Downstairs –  For you

Kitchen – High Vibe Foods – fruits, veggies, super foods, nuts, (feel free to bring something yummy and nutritious for our glorious bodies and minds to add to the mix of choices already awaiting you. ) Blessed Artisan Well Water charged with Crystals and filled with Gem Essences of Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and the Holy She.  Organic and Herbal Teas, Organic Chocolate  and other scrumptious options for your Be-ing

You are invited to bring your yummies to share with All.

Cozy Bear Den – Gathering for couching out, reclining, listening or watching or relaxing to a varied option of Inspirational, relaxing, spiritual DVDs –   in the midst of an array of crystals.

The LIVING room –   Sink into leather couches, a massage chair, vibe with the foot massager, play with – all kinds of crystals, oils, sacred geometry, kaleidoscopes, books and cards,  creativity table for crafting, oils, music, harmonics, etc….

Perfect Patio area – Blend, Bond and Be nature –  In the sea of green ivy overflowing in the backyard –  enjoy the greenery, the juniper, the birds and squirrels.  Relax in some lounge chairs or sit and feast in the shade or sun while communing with the Devic Kingdom that abounds.  Lots of greenery, covered table in tree shaded area.

Feed the birds, soak up the pink love ray energies pouring in from our Sun and breath in the autumn air.

This is a day to relax, fill your mind, bodies with high vibe energies, foods, company, conversation, crystals, harmonics, tones and aromas and the love of community!

Come and stay, play, chill, relax as you desire.

So mix and mingle while enjoying all.  Community, loving, be-ing, blissing out!

Three Energetics Offerings are:

1)  Heart Harmonics – Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Dolphin Bowls, Chimes, Tones, Bells melded with energies, blessings and visible and etherial colors of creation for harmonizing, clearing and attuning your energetic matrix, your auric fields, your Light Body.       

2)  Personal Conversation with your Soul, Guides and Family of Light 

3)  The Heavenly Healing Table of Lava Love! -Total peace and relaxation for all your bodies on the Table -receive many High Vibe focused energies, celestial colors and geometries for your well-being and highest good


The Magic Mix of All – Crystal Bowls, sound healing, channeling and Table time – A melding of All     


30 minutes – $35     or one hour $55

Yes, it money is of issue, pay what you can or all energetic exchanges are welcomed  – be creative…we each have skills, tools, talents to share.   I would love to experience yours!

You do not have to “book time on the table” to come share in the day. Just come to connect with loving like minded ones, come sit in bliss energies and enjoy a bounty of love, food, music and community.

If you do desire energy indulgences, please contact me directly at and or call me at 214-533-1013.

Let me know  – Your choice of time, how long and which type of session pleases you most and I will take care of you!

Scheduling from noon -whenever…to have time for intermingling and playing with all  – table times available are in half and hour spaces

2:00 pm
3:00 pm – GROUP Gathering, energetics and channeling
4:30 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm


Please call and let me know you preferred times.

I am SO looking forward to this day as it was such a grand joy last time…and we will do this again and again!  


Crystals – You KNOW how I love MY Crystalline Children!  🙂  I have several to share some ever expansive energies – Egyptian Mystery School, galactic origins, sacred geometry, Galactic Center, Cosmic Cubes, 13th Gate Crystals, and more.

If you desire, There will be some that will be available for purchasing if you are so called – You know it is difficult for me to part with them…and many times…as you have seen, I have them and pull them back home…cause I love them so!  Yet, I know the energies must be shared and delved up into our community to further expand All.    They are all expansive crystalline Beings of higher origin and seek to share the long held information they hold with you.

Looking for good homes are:- Most beautiful Quartz Brazilian Points, 3 types of tourmaline, dodecahedras – 13th Gate Crystals, aquamarine, hiddenite, phenacite, Pink Lemurians, Lemurian Seed, Morganite,  Chevron Amethyst – Flame of St Germain and more.:)

If this calls to you, contact me to RSVP for the day and let me know your preferred time for the Table and the type of session your desire.  And if you have any $ issues, connect with me for a creative energetic exchange!

Since this is my home, there is a limited amount of space, so RSVP is most appreciated and for sure needed for your time on the table and for directions.      214-533-1013

Love to you!  And come play, relax and just BE!