The Circle of Light and Enlightenment

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Date(s) - 04/21/2012
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary


The Circle of Light is a Circle of Love, a Circle of Healing, a Circle of Enlightenment, a Circle of Communication with the Holy Spirit.

The ones who enter are elevated to higher levels of beingness to know the experience that awaits the soul on the path of ascension.

This space is created for you who are now ready to begin the awakening process or for if already aware, to accelerate with grace and ease, the path forward with appropriate shortcuts and fast-forward’s and increased clarity.  It is a place of unfoldment of the Lotus of your Heart.  It is a connection to the Divine presence of Source.

Within This Loving Circle, access levels of joy, peace, holiness of your Divine self as you receive activations via energetic downloads, channeling, meditations, attunements, conversation, activations and other energetix.  Bring your open mind and heart, your curiosity, your questions, your Self.

In this grand and holy time of great shift and prophecy, Renee brings in holy vibrational energies and beings that open you to what awaits you on your personal path of ascension and unfoldment.  This is an accelerated path to get out of 3D and move into the higher transforming vibrations of Love and Light.  Open and live from your higher heart.  Your connection to the Divine.

(remote attendance can be enjoyed – receive recording and enjoy at your own time to receive the energies and insights)



Bookings are closed for this event.