The Circle of Light – Dallas Meditation Center-Spiritual Journeys

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Date(s) - 06/05/2012
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Dallas Meditation Center


The Circle of Light is a
Circle of Love,
a Circle of Healing,
a Circle of Enlightenment,
a Circle of Communication with the Holy Spirit.

It is YOU who co-creates The Circle of Light.

Each Circle is unique, powerful, high vibe, loving, enlightening, multi dimensional and very specific for those who attend.

For each Circle, it is the collective energy and intent of ALL who attend,
that the direction, energies, activations, experiences, guidance, channelings, connections, tools, gifts, insights are formulated and dispersed from.

The energies and guiding Ones come forth each time with great intent and purpose for creating with us a most magical, empowering, healing and loving gathering.

The ones who enter this Circle of Light are elevated to higher levels of beingness
to know the experience that is
your Soul ascending into greater and expanded levels of Love.

This space is created for you and by you as you begin or accelerate your awakening process.    The Circle offers All appropriate shortcuts and fast-forward’s and increased clarity and connection to the Truth that is within you.

It is a place of unfoldment of your Higher Heart,  the unfolding Lotus of your Heart.
It is a connection to the Divine presence of Source within.

The heart-lotus or “lotus of heart” is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness which connects with the consciousness of the universe.   When our spiritual nature develops on the inner, the lotus unfolds and blossoms. 

Inside of this Loving Sacred Circle access deep transformational levels of joy, peace, expansion and feel the holiness of your Divine Self  Bask in energies throughout as you experience a heightened connection to The Light of All that is.

Bring your open mind and heart and your Self.

In this amazing time of great shifts in all aspects of our human experience,
the Circle of Light came into being for the specific purpose of
igniting our internal codes and triggers of remembrance for spiritual Self Expansion into our most Highest Aspects and joyous potentials.

    This is an accelerated path to move beyond the realms and limits of 3D and soar into the higher transforming vibrations of Love, Light, Peace, Knowingness, Clarity, Purpose, Passion and Joy!

Open and live from your higher heart;Your connection to the Divine.

You are always loved and welcomed in the Circle of Light.

(remote attendance can be enjoyed if you are unable to physically join in the Circle receive recording and enjoy at your own time to receive the energies and insights)

To participate remotely – please prepay and send date of Circle(s) and your email address for receipt of your MP3 recording of the Circle of Light.  Your energy is included and acknowledged within this gathering.


Bookings are closed for this event.