The Circle of Light – Dallas Meditation Center

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Date(s) - 01/29/2013
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Dallas Meditation Center

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The Circle of Light
is a Circle of Love

Loving, sacred space for Personal Expansion into your Divine Self.


Each Circle is unique, powerful,  loving, enlightening, multi dimensional and
specific for those who attend.

The Circle is a collective energy and intent
of ALL who come together with OPEN HEART
to know the experience that is
the Soul melding into our human Self,
ascending into greater and EXPANDED LEVELS OF LOVE.

Our Family of Light and their radiances come forth with loving  purpose
for creating with us a most magical, empowering, healing and loving gathering.

We are encircled with Holy Light of God and the Language of Light.

Loving messages, tools and energies are shared with powerful resonances and codes of Light and Love to assist us in our awakening process –  our expansion of Heart, Soul and Consciousness. Helping us to remember who we truly are is paramount.  For remembering and knowing our Divinity is the foremost goal of our Creator – that which moves us back into Divine Will and Oneness will All that is.

The Circle offers increased clarity and connection to the Truth that is within you. It is a place of unfoldment of the Higher Heart, the unfolding Lotus of the Heart.
It is a connection to the Divine presence of Source within.

The heart-lotus or “lotus of heart” is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness
which connects with the consciousness of the universe.
When our spiritual nature develops on the inner, the lotus unfolds and blossoms.

Inside of this Loving Sacred Circle access deep transformational levels of joy, peace, expansion and feel the Holiness of your Divine Self.   Bask in supportive energies throughout as you experience a heightened connection to The Light of All that is. yummmmmmm

Bring your open mind and heart and your Self.

In this amazing time of great shifts in all aspects of our human experience, the Circle of Light was called into being for the specific purpose of igniting our internal codes and triggers of remembrance for spiritual Self Expansion into our most Highest Aspects and joyous potentials.

Soar with us into higher transforming vibrations of Liquid Love and Light, Peace, Knowingness, Clarity, Purpose, Passion and Joy that is creating our New Earth Experience Right Now!  Each time a most magical, empowering, healing and loving gathering.

No prior experience needed. Not associated with any religion.
Following the Path of the Heart and the Light within.
ONENESS.  Love abounds.


What I always feel in the Circle of Light is pure LOVE. That love comes from you Renee, and each one in a circle.   I always feel blessed by the Ascended Masters and all Higher Beings that you give a voice to their words of  wisdom, encouragement  and guidance that speak through you.  The first time I sat in a group as you shared the message I knew without a doubt that I wanted and needed more of that love and light and wisdom. “- WR

Suggested Abundance Sharing is $22 and is received with gratitude

Know you are always in abundance of all and let nothing keep you from the Light!
Share what you can or contact me for an alternative exchange – (there is always a talent or gift to share)..come into the Light and see why we GLOW SO.  🙂

(remote attendance  – See at the bottom how you can participate if you are unable to come or live out of the area)

“It was wonderful energy, left there and walked away like a child filled with the love of creator and blessed by being a part of this Circle of Light.  Each day, each moment I am knowing more of who I am, a Divine Being here with a purpose to serve where ever it takes me. We continue expanding and unearthing wisdom from within. We all are able to do that. May you all be filled with Love n Joy.”      Retired Pastor, Julie Scherer

“Unbelievably Loving, Sacred, Warming, and revolutionary.  Renee is the real deal.  Truly connected to a Divine Source of Love and Light.   You can feel the energies before you enter the space and you don’t want to leave!”       T.C.

“Truly a metaphysical rush!”     L.G.


About Reneé – a Messenger and Oracle of Light radiating multiple energies of Sacred Purpose and Holy Heart Expansion in Divine service to humanity for awakening others to the One Light within.

About Ascension – It is our natural process of moving into a higher version of our human self. It is expansion of consciousness to experience increasing levels of love, of unity, peace, joy. It is human evolution and ascension of our higher aspects, our God Self merging into this body in this time now.

Within each of us are codes of Light, DNA, cellular and energetic matrices that await activation that move us into remembrance of who we truly are. It moves us into a knowingness that is deep, personal, profound, magical and holy. You begin a process of aligning to Truth that is in your higher heart. Walking the path of Higher Heart Living is about expanding your heart, soul and consciousness. This is a path that brings you to self mastery. One that you become a beacon of Light capable of self healing, energy management, conscious manifestation and creative, loving and joyous living.

RSVP is always gratefully appreciated

Remote attendance – Desire to attend but unable or not local…. Sign up to receive the record and messages, attunements and energies .  For remote payment go here. You  receive link within 48 hours of the Circle.

Your presence in any form is most welcomed.  Blessings!!!



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