Weekly Divine Energy Healing – Distant Healing – Free

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Date(s) - 09/01/2013
10:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Weekly Healing and Prayer Support
Distant Healing Energy


Loving and open intent for healing, wholeness, well-being, highest good, peace, most benevolent outcome, balance and experiencing all as love expressed.

Free.  Virtual connection.
This is not a physical location, but a place of connection
with intention, thought, prayer, vision and expectation.

Sundays at 10:00 pm CST

Tune in.  Receive. Bask in the energies of Love and Light.

All paths of belief are honored.  This is a spiritual, holy and sacred space for All.

Every week heartspace is created with purposeful and sacred intent for focusing on those that put their intention in for special attention of healing, of wholeness, of guidance, of balance, of asking for help.

Whatever it may be it is never too large or too small.  Know that you have help and support from your Family of Light, from The Angels, Your Guides and The Company of Heaven.

Our prayers, our requests, are heard before they are ever spoken.

You do not need to sign up or send anything to receive the energies,  prayers and blessings.  Only your intent is necessary.  If you do feel to have your request read, you may send to info@reneesnider.com and put Healing Request in the subject line please and I would love to know where you live on our beloved Mother Earth.  These will be printed and physically put into the Healing Circle of Intent.

What to expect?  However you receive and what you may or may not feel is perfect as the energies and intent are powerful and work way beyond the physical knowningness, beyond what our mind and body perceives.   It is possible to feel warm, tingling, a sense of peace, deep relaxation, perhaps visioning colors, waves of energies, some just have pleasant thoughts and feelings, others mention feeling very loved or even fuzzy headed.  Yet, some fall asleep…and this is okay.  For whatever you are doing, you will receive in the moment and beyond and the power of these loving energies do their work to assist us in a time frame that is appropriate and not timed by any measurement or clock.  Relax, release and enjoy.


Prayer and Healing 10 pm CST, Sundays

We always begin from a place of gratitude knowing all is perfect in all ways at all times.

To participate, if possible and called to do so, create a quiet space of non interruption or disturbance to receive these Light energies.   Just relax, close your eyes and just receive.  You need not do anything and actually, it is best if you just clear your mind and know in your higher heart that what you have asked for is given…as it can be no other way.  And if you are sending your request for another, please hold them in your inner vision and heartspace, then let all go and relax in a space of receiving these loving vibrations, prayers, blessings …..always knowing all is well, all is answered in the most perfect and divine way.

If you can not participate at this specific time…do when you can and know you receive the energies, the love, the prayers no matter what the “time” is as all truly is in one grand space of NOW time.  You can never “miss out”.


All is sent forth with the request of the highest good, of the highest order, with the loving Light of our Supreme Creator, Holy Light, Holy Love is sent forth x 1000 x 1000 x 1000.

We know that energy travels through walls, through people, through galaxies and our prayers are answered as we come together in amplified intent through our heart with love.


Your request, your prayer is held in intent and sacred space of love.

Ceremony is held.  Beginning always with great gratitude. Energies of all kinds are beckoned forth and from this holy space. A Special Decree for Healing and Wholeness is Declared.  The ‘I AM” presence acknowledges the presence and support of The Ascended Masters, Angels of Light, Archangels, Our Divine Teams of Guides and Overseers, GodHead,  Our Guardian Angels and our Family of Light in all realms.  Heaven hears our prayers and requests always.

Energies abound from all spaces and places of the Divine Heart And Mind of God.  Many loving energies, vibrations, prayers, decrees, affirmations come forth beyond what we can imagine!

With the collective intent for the Highest Good proclaimed from the Almighty we receive all perfectly.  Energies can be named and some…just some that come into my personal path to share with you in this moment are…….the Golden Healing Light of Christ, The Green Emerald Healing Ray, The Violet Flame of St Germain, The Light of All that is, The Light beyond all Light, The Love beyond all Love, The Rose Ray, The Diamond Light, The Christ Fire, Heart Fire, The Creation Lights, The Crystalline Refractions, The White Light of they Holy One, The Sacred Heart Flame, Christ Consciousness Energies, Triple Fold Flame, Reiki Energies, Angelic Mist, Energies of All Faiths, paths and origins, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, ALL faiths, all beliefs, Holy Trinity Energies, Trinity Lord Lights, Breath of Wholeness, Creation Lights, By Creation Rays, Divine Blueprint, and there are more.  the number are infinite..some named, some just known, as all is summoned from all spaces, all realms of thy Kingdom of the Divine and held in this space for 30 minutes or more.

All that is for the good of all, the holiest of the Holies are requested to come forth for the Highest good, with requests to be peace, love and in harmony for all, all people, all places….ALL.   All is One.  And so it is.  With Grand Love and appreciation…

Closure is with gratitude and Blessings.

Know that all is in perfect unfoldment and harmony. 

Know that you are surround by the Holy Light of God, The Holy Light of God, The Holy Light of God.

Blessings be to each of you upon this day. 

Shalom.  Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.