What the heck is happening to planet Earth…and ME?

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Date(s) - 03/17/2012
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Lightworkers Sanctuary


What the heck is happening to me and planet Earth??

We are expanding. We are ascending. Come with your questions. Come with your curiosity, Come with an open heart and open mind.

This is a space created for sharing insights, wisdom, science, history, facts and information to help bring Light into the current happenings to our inner and outer worlds. Humanity is shifting. People are feeling and seeing things differently. Some desire freedom. Some are feeling a knowingness. Others are feeling more peace. While yet many are experiencing fear and concern. What are YOU feeling?

The times we are currently in are complex and can be difficult to discern. Especially if we look to the media, limited aspects of science and listen to those that speak of doom and gloom. It is actually a time of Great Shift. A time of self healing and awakening of our hearts.

I will share from my heart and own knowledge, experience, as well as sacred science, holy texts and specific wisdom as it is received from intuitive insights. It is a space of open heart and open mind. The energies that are created in this space allow each person to feel and hear at higher levels of understanding and knowing within each person. You are part of the change that is occurring. You have a vital role for yourself and humanity. You will find out how you can assist in reaching new levels of living.

All things are changing and it is in the most positive and wondrous of ways. Come join in and feel your inner Light ignite and expand. Come and open your heart to what only you can know to be truth that abides within you.

The world is quickly moving forward with changes and so are you! The more you know and can consciously participate with your own growth, the more you can enjoy the ride!

There will be a powerful group energetix experience at the end.

A series of En’Light”en-ing seminars for expansive views of our current extraordinary times of Change, Shift and Human Elevation.

Stepping forward with insights, information, energies and tools to make it as real as possible for each person to experience the higher truths. Come with your questions. Come with an open mind and heart. Receive a taste of some wonderful energies too!


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