Every One Counts as Consciousness expands

Every One Counts! Awakening to truth, to heart consciousness, to ascension, to consciousness evolution, to falsehood, to illusion, to ability to choose out of false living programs, to realize self capability of non limitation, to live from the heart, to see self in all things, to recognize service to self activities vs service to others in all considerations, to be fearless to question all things to discover the truth, to not participate with fear, pain, separation, divide and conquer programs and strategies, to not support controlling mechanisms, companies, programs, to not just listen to what is being feed in media streams, to look deep within ones own inner most core self to seek connection to our Source connection, to not listen to false religion and made up stories, to take time to cultivate inner peace and heart based senses, to quiet the mind, to seek that which brings forth unity, collaboration and understanding, to be kind, respectful, trustworthy and living in values that reflect all life as equal, sacred, valuable and purposeful.

Every act and activity that one can do, strive for, change, upgrade into that which one would reflect a honoring attributes, good character, inclusive, fair, forgiving, harmless and harmonizing,loving brings forth our ability to activate and participate with the ascension process, the

expansion of consciousness. The human rising into greater purpose, wisdom, healing, understanding of the larger picture of all life and reclaiming God Source Connection.

We are in times of massive over the top change without any news media to report and only divert one into lower vibrations, fear, doubt and the “same Old” everyday debilitating false hood stories, lies, programs. When the truth is not this. We are in the midst of Massive Cosmological shifts and changes that are documented by science, individual experiences, measurements, evidence that is not at the fore front. For if so the current structures of society, of how we are suppose to live and be would come down, AND THEY ARE. Discontent, choices, absurdities, horrific acts against life, humanity – children, men, women, animals, food – there is no thing left out, is coming into the Light for seeing what has been hidden, ignored, covered up, lied about, distorted.

These are times that require great, great love, forgiveness, willingness to see and question beyond anything ever done before. To not listen to the cover ups defaults of “conspiracy” or crazy, or some academic backed report to show false evidence appearing as truth. One must really be willing to not be in fear or drop into defaults, gossips or hate activities and really begin to go within to ones own internal feeling based senses that likely may need some work, testing, cultivating to bring forth. For technology and other mechanisms have given way for atrophy to the ability of our body to discern, sense, feel, know with every cell, what is truth and supportive and what is a lie, inorganic, harmful.

When we open our hearts and tone down the rational, hard mental constructs, sensing, discerning, observing tools bring forth more than false words and false feelings projected to us.

Give yourself the love, courage, self support, self inquiry to see, research, observe, dig deeper than headlines and trending silly things, to find the depth of our hearts purpose and reason for living. Opportunities continue to emerge for all of us to make choices, decisions of how we interact with each other upgrading our relationships with self, others, life, planet, animals for we are all interconnected in a system of life supportive properties that have been diverted, tainted and not spoken upon.

Let us live in greater awareness and accountability for our self, our actions, our energy, our choices, our contributions to the whole to be of service to all life. Let us live in harmony and upgrade our self into progressing into more unified actions, thoughts and expressions.

We return to the path of truth, sovereignty and freedom in these ways now as our world unfolds to the Divine Plan, the Consciousness Evolution of all species, life, planets and systems.

Renée Snider

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