Every word you say counts

From The Circle of Light –

……You will be moving into levels of equality, equanimity, of beauty, of bounty.  There will be a transitory time from one to the other, and we say be the Light, hold onto the Light.  Word-Art-Abundance-1024x659Hold the vision and you will know why we are adamant about your managerial aspects and mastery of the Light.  Be it your word, thought or action, every word you say counts, whether it be a joke, or a side comment, or something that you think does not matter, we say, again, for clarity and emphasis, every word is Light, every word is Light, every thought is Light, every breath is Light, every feeling is Light.  These are your tools of creation.  Your level of creation and manifestation and materialization from thought to outcome is going to increase at a very rapid rate, very rapid rate.  It will increase at a very fast pace.  As you master this, you will come to higher levels of service, ‘cause you will be needed to help manifest the new Earth, help change the social structures, help cleanse Earth to her pristine nature, help to educate, enlighten, awaken, and guardianship Humanity and Earth.  So what you have thought of as jobs, as security, as insurance will soon be shifting.  You will not, in some cases, readily see your path, and we say, no worries, hold your Light, hold your Vision, for everyone’s path will be changing.  As you further connect with the heart of hearts, you will know that you know, that you know, as you connect with God, there will be no worries, there will be no need for us to speak these words.

We love you with the grandest levels of Love, the grandest levels of Joy.

Family of Light

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