Expansive Awareness of Being…from the Circle of Light

Sharing from the Circle of Light 9-1-12 – Expansive Awareness of Being –

……The path that we’re moving forward to as a group of Human Humanity is at the last stages of Quickening. And the Quickening is increasing the vibratory energies to propel Earth and her foundation and level of resonance needed to move into the higher dimensions and for man to be in that space as well. So Quickening is a process of just that. Quickening the Soul. Quickening the inner reflections. Means the vibrations of Mother Earth are continuing to shift. She is in a great state of joy. We must say. You must Know. Earth is in a great state. Mother Gaia is over-flowing. Because the time frame is so close. For her it’s just a breath. In the scheme of things in the time frame, as you would look at it. For “months” may seem forever. But you will find it very quick. But for Mother Earth, she is in a grand, grand states of joy and anticipation of this move, for her, back to a place she had existed at.
Much cleansing will continue to occur with earth, and after the move to the 4th dimension, and there is an overlay of the 5th and 12th. That springboard, again is what the goal is, for each of you to work upon yourself as diligently as you can. To make your list as to what’s not aligning. What activities, actions, inner works, thoughts, revelations are not lining up with your Soul self. And that will happen for each of you in different ways. It cannot be another way. That transition will be a tight hole to move through of vibration, yet it will be done. Yet, the level of discord that one can feel, and again we say that it is about choice.

There are ones that remain in the space of little awareness. Because that is the reality that they accept. And that is where they will live until they choose differently base upon their will. And it continues to be a choice of Hu-man will aligning with Divine Will. So the key point we review again is moving out-of-the-head. There are places of learning and expansion in the mind. The brain itself is a wonderful tool, but it is process of information and it is only working within the 3D realm.

So as you relinquish to your heart and your higher self, your intuition, that would be your starting stages. It is being called intuition. The nudging, the knowing. But as you expand into that, then it does become a truly innate space, of tuning into your heart to feel what you feel as you route through that you will know from that space, what feels appropriate, what feels good. If we get into our head and go, ‘Should I? Should I not? Maybe, could I?’ That should be your first sign of where you are operating from. If you are in that place, then it’s still humanness; it’s only going to get a three-dimensional level of awareness and a 3D level of understanding. In other words, you’re going to be in the same place. It is relinquishing piece by piece to this expanded place. So it is a space of consciousness. It’s a space of listening to your heart. It’s a quiet space. It is that space you know that is activated within your structural of your DNA, within every molecule of your being, within your energetic fields of Light. Your auric fields. All that makes you up and contains you into this expression of this physical form. Yet the heart, again we say, many codes in what we say, the Heart is your pathway to who you are, your Higher Self, your Soul, your Over Soul and your I AM presence. And from that space to God. What you know to be as God, as Source, as Creator of the Universe.

The One” Your Family of Light

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