Experience the New

The Divine Ones share that we are here to “experience”.  The m602211_10151317558861851_815037466_neaning of this word and thought is ever expanding.  Releasing old habits, others expectations of us and relaxing into just being – experiencing life….It is not the manufactured life of the Earth Experience of Lesson but embracing the new reality of living Life as sacred, as nature and love expressed.  Not one of “have to’s” and created busyness, but hearty connection to the Earth and her elements.  Our own reverence for our breath, eyes, nose, touch.  Our ability to create joy, love and peace in our space within – our consciousness, our “experience”.  Turning our attention from technology, gadgets, repetitive created maintenance activities, unserving patterns, unconscious doing and focus on what brings you joy and love and do that….we all can rediscover aspects of our truth, our deeper nature and connection to thy Loving Creator.

Life is becoming simpler while being revered, recognized and honored as a precise, intricate, thoughtful, loving environment of chosen experience of Creator for us to create within and expand it.

The work we have been doing at soul levels and human levels are bursting forth and changing our collective experience of creation.  We are mixing up and right now….the new energetic patterns of thought, of freedom, of living in love, and desiring ALL to live in peace, bounty, well-being, harmony and joy and this is NOW re-creating a new living experience for all.

We have been in between for a while and NOW, that which we have created is forming a new world before us.  Greater evidence of this is upon our immediate horizon.  Expect great things.  Don’t look at what is leaving, collapsing, moving into levels of absurdity as “bad” see it as it is – the metamorphosis of creation of a new way of living and out with the old and in with the new.  The NEW is beyond our understanding, expectation and is in no way, comparable or based on the patterns of prior history.  We are superseding major patterns of suppression, oppression and self value.

We are inherent of the which we are from – ALL – no one is left out, we all originate from a loving Creative Intelligence.  We were as humans ” on assignment” to experience an environment that was of lesson for our soul and this is ending and has ended.  NOW we are merging into a new reality – moving us quickly through stored levels of patterns and habits and consciousness to burst forth into higher, expanded, more loving unified experience  – that which reflects the TRUTH of who we are.
Yes, a lot to take in if you have not had this perceptive, this understanding, this truth.  Go into your hearts, ALL.  Feel the love, feel the expectation and feeling that something is going on different….it no longer can be denied or talked over, Our Creator sends us signals like the it does to a seed to bloom and Dear Ones, we are about to BLOOM!    See, observe, witness, contemplate from a new frame of thought, of reference of idea – see things shifting to something more giving to all and not taking away from anything.  See that those people, processes, teachings that support limits, have to’s, rules for the sake of rules, are falling away.  As our hearts open, so does our ability to move from fear, paranoia, judgments to compassion, understanding, and a honest desire to be peaceful, accepting and happy.

Let us live this now.  Let us expect, attract and pull in that which is birthing and breaking the shell our our living experience to that which supports all of US equally, with love, abundance, harmony, unity, sharing, joy, peace, creativity, openness and well-being.

The New Earth is Now.  Love and joy are here Now.  See it into being.  Feel it.  Create it.    Love is all there is anyway….remember?

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