Experience your Essence

DNA is rapidly changing. The Earth and all life are responding to things that spark growth, healing, self reflection, expansion into greater responsibility of thought, action, example. Out of the darkness we come. Out of the suppression of knowledge, wisdom, Universal Laws. Heart Guidance is of focus.









We are governed by our own connection to Creator/God/Source. Intuition, knowing, heart feeling over gut, stillness within. Not ego, not brain, not thinking or figuring it out mode. A place of deep breath. A place cultivated of management and effort to work past the chatter of the programs, repetitive thought patterns and noise of the busy mind.

This is a layer, a point within ALL. It is covered up with “stuff” many time. Yet, access to parts of it resemble = peace, lost in joy, clarity of focus and knowing, love exchanged with a child or animal or person, unhurried or rushed, kindness, allowance, wonder, awe, boundless, free……

Enjoy finding this space, this core, no matter what. Outside is the distraction and the inside of us, is our place of experience that transfer, that creates the outside feeling world reflected to us.

Let yourself experience that which is our Truth within. So much takes us out while we are in times of great growth of every aspect of ourself. Heart, mind, soul, and more….

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