Feel your heart energy

Our individual and collective relationship with a higher power, “God” or how ever you wish to term it, is changing worldwide. Religion is now being seen as man’s old attempt to define god for all and that the path was through organization lead by a few who had more access or “privilege” to God/Source/Creator than all people had. It is becoming realized from within our own heart and intuition, our knowingness, that it is not through man one connects with the one who created us – it is directly available to us 24/7.

It is evidenced to us as there is an inner calling to move away from larger beliefs dictated by an organization or person and then judged or criticized for not believing or doing something as part of the system. What comes from within and around us is telling us to get back to basics. Get into nature. Sit in the sun. Be near water. Be still. Go within. Breath deeply and consciously. This connection is becoming “louder”, than ever- both within and without. It is peaceful. Worries, fears..seem to become softer and melt away. We are becoming Spiritual. That which is all and within each of us and just is. Not a religion. Not a book. Not a teaching. Not lead by anyone. It is individual, yet collective. Like we know love and that overrides any words or fears, so does this renewal and reconnection to our innate ability to connect to our creator within and through every person and everything on this planet. Go within and seek it out. If head is busy, do not give up, continue, sit, relax, breath and just feel what it in your heart….

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