Financial Blessings

Last night’s meditation focused on Financial Blessings and our worthiness. We carry so many multiple falsehoods about our self worth. Universal Law is clear. We are Divine Beings and inherent to the bounties of all that is by Divine right.

As we continue to move through this period of the Triad of Eclipses, Solstice, our inner tune-ups are ramping up. Our corners and cobwebs of lifetimes of experience on this Mother Earth are being cleaned, purged, balanced and transmuted. Declare upon this day that ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET AND MORE! I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED AND DESIRE. IT IS AMAZING THE VARIOUS WAYS IT SHOWS UP IN MY LIFE AT JUST THE APPROPRIATE TIME.

Do NOT focus on lack, numbers, haves and have nots = this is an illusion. There is plenty to go around and more on the way. Give. Denying another something contracts your world. Share, Bless, Be grateful. Bless all monies given and received. These energetic tools of thought, word and action WILL change the abundance balance and create the flow there is there unseen by our hu-man eye. I give to each of you this day Blessings from the heart that you in your world, will experience the unlimited abundant flow of the Divine. And the flow contains love, peace, joy, well-being, sustenance, freedom, bounty in more forms that you could imagine. Blessings be to you upon this day and all days to come.

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