Financial issues – Debt Forgiveness – Heart Openings

….Financial issues are coming to light. There will be debt forgiveness. America will be reluctant to do this. The President, although of the Light, still has a contention of others to bring others on board before true change can happen. That is still happening behind the scenes yet there is still a master plan, as you would put it. That man truly does not know that will be put into place to issue a whole new financial structure, in a whole new financial way of being. The system that buys, sells and trades still must continue on this planet and ultimately there will be a time where there will be no need because the conscious level will rise there won’t be a need to barter for services with money to have that exchange it will come with the level of consciousness of service, sharing for all and purity for one and all. Know all that is coming and hold on to that vision and truth because its by holding onto that vision and truth that mass consciousness will help bring this into reality at a faster and quicker rate.

Your money is safe, do not worry and do not have any concerns and we say this seriously for you on all levels. That level of concern can add to the opposite effect. And we know that may be the first response of the humanity of each of yourselves and with possible predominance for first response actions from those who aren’t choosing and for those that do not have a higher view, a higher picture, a higher energy in truth in Christ consciousness unfolding by bringing down that which does not serve. There would be a period as we still see it as a period of potentiality that don time for transition to occur. Yet we do say there are funds safely set away to make sure that all have no sense of disparity that are all in bounty. There won’t be an over capacity of luxury, as you would note it to be. It will be a balancing of those who have and those who have not, brought to a balance of all have what they need. If everyone needs a vehicle they will have a vehicle. If everyone needs have sustenance, they will have sustenance; education, clothing, home those things; as debt is forgiven then there isn’t a need for credit and debt. That in itself is a glorious freedom that we look to be show upon humanity, that act alone of debt forgiveness allows hearts to open in a huge way, think of it. Take this moment to see and feel all your debts completely exonerate abliviated, take a moment to see and feel you would never need or want for money again, for clothes, gas, for sustenance, that you truly have all those things met.

When that occurs your mind may go to the next step by if that’s truth…. if that were to take place in my life it’s been about working to get the money, to pay for shoes, to pay for the food. Then where does the meaning come from anymore. Where does the need arise, many of humanity have identified themselves around a job and not with their lineage of divinity and not with themselves to create, live and be.

It has been a great time of suppression, in darkness, because the energy has been spent to barely live without expansion of mind, soul of your heart. Do you see how that would change your lives? So we will bring this out for each of you; for quandary, for questions with your own self, your own life, for contemplation, for visualization, for playing with, to think about it. We say, we would love for each of you to take that away today for space to know that as each of you move through aspects of ascension. As creators you create with your mind ultimately the divine mind as you ascend. You will move back into the ways and means of h ow you’ve done it before. As a fluid being of light, as opposed to a human being in a 3D density of certain parameters of aspects of physics, actualizations, expectations and limitations.

And now the potentiality of moving back to a space creating for love, joy and purpose into bringing into being and allow you to “walk an old road”, you would say, to bring it back to life. “Kick start the furnace”, as you would say, these are things you’ve done. But still in your humanness there is still a human layer over these aspects of you that have not been ignited or are not yet to the surface enough to remember but they will be forth coming so this, exercise of going to do a space of “what if” and this you can take it to truth as quick as you would like to believe it, it will be evidenced, but there will be factors for you to walk that path so these parts of you can begin to believe it. But it is opening up the door to believability and contemplation to the human brain that not only will shift your consciousness and energetic ways and in physical ways. But it adds to a giving mass consciousness of what is coming the new Earth……

From Aspects of Ascension, 6-28-12
The One….

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