Flexibility with Change

Flexibility in our thinking, understanding, awareness and body are required to undergo the energetic evolutionary changes we are experiencing as individual beings, as a world group community and as a planetary body.

11873397_10207723104384519_3756325781114124033_nA new rhythm is upon us. The heart knows this and many feel this without context, without information on a truth level. Ascension – natural process of human evolution of consciousness/energy continues in early stages of a vast and long upgrade at atomic, subatomic, plasma, crystaline, quantum and very real and physical levels. Flexibility, meditation, quiet spaces to stop the busyness of mind, of outside noises, influence and distractions are needed to find the growing inner connection of guidance and interaction with our inner Self that is coming on line.

Profound as we are the ones living in the midst of the great time of expansion, while it stirs all that is not truth, all that must go to ever increasing levels of vibration, of Source intelligence, of purity, we witness to ourselves a rebirth of natural laws and Light governance upon our planet.

Obviously LOTS of house cleaning on all levels, yet each of us has our inner job to do as priority.

All effects All.

Love brings forth easier that which is spoken within ones own heart to feel the rising connection for peace, unity and acceptance of all.

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