The action of forgiveness exhibits great courage and deep understanding first of ones own self.   It asks us many time to step into the shoes, the life of another and view from that place, a different perspective than our own…or it may seem.

Forgiveness is one step at a time…and a process …until we realize at the highest levels…there was never anything to forgive in the first place. Profound, yet this becomes truth as we continue to expand our hearts wider and wider.

Unconditional love is this…so it is quite the process of shifting from the general belief system and foster one that moves in the direction of the heart.  In realization that we each are on a path of self discovery and learning, then we see that forgiveness is not needed as simply understanding and wisdom is.  Each of these grow from cultivating your inner connection to your heart.  Look within.  Find the energy of love, understanding and compassion.

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