Founding principals

True Founding principals…changed in 1913 ( other dates but this one is significant) and hence the slavery program in process now. AWARENESS is everything. Denial is only conscious participation in the program. AWARENESS allows choice, collaboration, change, review, restoration to unified cooperation and balance to occur.

There is enough of everything to go around. Don’t be fooled. Scarcity is false and a created illusion. Sad, but very real and documented, evident. Feed the brains with false lies, media, hype, programs and repeat and repeat and well, the story of all upon this planet in every main sector of social and economic, religious, historical, academic, political, science, medicine, etc models.

Money is created and only exists by numbers, belief and agreement. It is moving numbers with no backing. The human has been devalued, not money. Money created, people buy into it, literally. Needs, wants all on the outside when the inside is where our truth and sustenance comes from.

WE can remove ourselves from these projected agreements to foster a new way of being. Change begins now. A beginning is in process and it starts with knowing the truth. In knowing the truth, then process can be changed, removed, upgrade with something of truth. One that honors an exchange of value over something that only feeds the a very few at the top that enlists millions of ones at the “bottom” to exist by, to support, to feed into the food chain which is false, and created for control, slavery and denial of higher spiritual truths, potentials, growth, and change.

For when truth is seen and fear is removed, opportunities become seen, potentials for equality exist, our true way of living and being. One that takes ALL into account equally. It takes courage to dig deep, go beyond the stories, to find that “conspiracy” theories purposed and labeled as such to discredit them, or revealing truth right before ones eye, but fear, mass hypnosis and the giving away of ones authority to the outside world prevents the truth to be seen, research, felt, known. It also requires one to see, to review, to challenge ones personal core beliefs.

This is hard to see and find out that lies are constant and built our world. Love self and all to research, to dig deep, to go within ones own heart, inner self, to feel, question, contemplate. Go outside to see the manipulations. Hiding, and ignoring only means we are in default agreement with untruths and that only brings more of the same and it is death, destruction and all that goes with darkness, illusion, falsehood. The truth brings openness, awareness, freedom and non manipulation, accountability and unified cooperation – Unity.

The potentials are growing for mass awareness of what is spoken here as this is only a VERY VERY minute focus on an extensive heart opening subject that profoundly effects everyone and everything at every level of ones being – soul, mind, heart, physical, mental, emotional, etheric – things not being taught, but are VERY real and when known, allows one to begin to govern ones own experience of self via consciousness, growth, ascension (incension) widening ones experience of Self and knowing more truth from within to better navigate the outside world of – projected reality.

Go within. Inquire Within. See. Research on the outside balancing always with the inner guidance of ones heart based in love, peace and pure intent to know truth. This is ever present, non changing and is ours to return to.


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