Full Moon Eclipse Blood Moon

Yes. We move into another cycle within cycle for choice. More upheaval for humanity to rise into truth and out of fear, hatred, war. This is a MAGIC TIME, even though appearances may be seen differently. The HIGHER VIEW, the BIGGER PROCESS at hand for humanity it to stop seeking rage and control on the outside and GO WITHIN to MASTER EMOTIONS and CULTIVATE PEACE WITHIN. blood moonHow long has this lesson being going on for humans? SELF CONTROL.

Desire for love and same for ALL, not by selection, separation, or egoic idolization or condemnation. Integrity is called for. Respect. So, it is. Do your part. Fear nothing. Speak lovingly, gently, give and receive love and of self endlessly and the cycle will reveal itself to all. The Cycle of Love of abundance and sustenance of life, of joy, of good will, of creativity and experience of the Divine Nature.

BE that which you desire, want, beg, demand or plead for. Be in love in these holy moments of opportunity of Great Positive Change.

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