Full Moon Eclipse – Self care – Self check

Close check in on the emotions and rest today. Self care and self check are in order. Moon is masterful in moving the emotional seas within and without and converging with the eclipse in prep for our deeper awareness of our Truest Self, Be loving and kind to self/Self and all reflections of your Self in others.

Find your love space, your power of creating personal peace with your thoughts, actions and breath. Breathe out peace today. Breathe consciously and fluidly with loving intent to create an air for all to breathe that is peaceful.
Moon energies heightened what we each are feeling and the opportunities to find the loving response, choice or just a place of peaceful silence. They bring out the feminine qualities….or the need for them!
Create within the emotion you wish to feel outside and watch it grow. Stay tuned in and conscious. Release what needs to go and swiftly it will. The reflections beneath are loving as the truth of our Divinity emerges from any remaining shadows.
Enjoy the Moon Light that is another Light of All That Is.

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