Galactic Alignment of the Heart

NOW is the time to be still, go within and find and feel the expanded feeling of love and peace that are there.  This alignment, among many other cycles of Divine Design come to provide us the Will of choice to move past our dimensional limits of consciousness. A grand and glorious space for us to experience more well-being, more acts and expression of love.  A time to leave warring and lower energies patterns of power, ego and control and merge within to our higher heart.  A space where we become more aware of the truth of our connection to humanity, to the ONE Creator, to all life in all places and forms.

We are on the doorstep of the Golden Age of Peace.  You and I are creating it.  The World is in grand re-organization and it looks like it doesn’t it?  We are becoming more demanding of truth and fairness for all.  As Earth continues to shift and we receive energies and inner influences of heart awakening, there comes a desire for less conflict and emotional drama and more of a longing for simplicity, peace and love.

During this time of Alignment with the Center -Align with your heart…with the purity of love.  We all have a “truth” meter within us…it is in our HEART and not our ego or brain.  It goes beyond judgement, fears, polarity and trying to figure out things that are greater than our human mind can conceive. Yet, within our being, our heart, we are connected to that Source of All that allows us to FEEL that which we do not yet KNOW in our Brain, but can feel the truth…of Love.
The world will not end.  The Doomsday stuff is not what this is we are in a space of transformation and it is happening and accelerating.  We are transforming into more God like Beings.  Yes we have work to do and that is why all the world is in chaos and it must come to Light that which is false and has been for eons of time.  and then we get to look at it, scream about it, judge it and then own it , let it go and move up in our creations to include integrity, truth, fairness, love, equality , etc.
Heart Alignment is now.  Shift of the Ages is Now.  Participation is optional ……until it is not…as our Higher Selves/Souls guide us and look upon our human expression to pull us up in a higher more Oneness view.  Look up, look within.  All is well.  Forgiveness, Peace, Love.

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