Gentleness required please

Be gentle with yourself if the energies, the vibrations, the cosmos have you looking deep within, past the cobwebs even, for cleaning up old vibrations. Rest. Know – these are just thoughts – a space in our brain, that is aligning to higher vibrations. Fears, worries, concerns are thoughts that just had kept us busy at one time or another looking away from the Light. They served their purpose, the Light comes in. Allow the Light to shine in the corners and release the remaining remnants of outdated and non serving thoughts and beliefs. Get into the sun. Go outside…walk, observe and enjoy the process of nature. Feel the energy of LIFE moving through all things…and You! Regain your inner balance. Observe all. Within and without. Be gentle with your loving self. Send yourself some love. Mind and body house cleaning is needed when we have new awesome mind furniture on order and waiting to come in! 🙂

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