Gift of Love

Ask…what is my true intention about this “action”.

Is is truly from the heart? What I am wanting by this action for myself? It is to serve another with purity?

Is it more from a “habit” of doing without inner authenticity?

1654081_1194196773942971_8877550539684371780_nAm I giving from Source within me or to fill a hole or need or “this is what we are suppose to do”, that which is done by judgement and false ritual over true heart felt purpose and meaning. Give the Gift of love, not money.

Give the gift of soft word, of kindness over store bought commercialism.

Give the gift that takes true humility, true inner core compassion. Lend a hand when one is in pain.

Lend a kindness when one is hurting and you can feel the hurt in you too.

Harmlessness. Peace. Caring. Sharing. Love………. Love in Action.

Give this as this is the GREATEST GIFT one can GIVE or RECEIVE.

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