Giving away Creator Power

Dear Ones, – we must rise from the illusion of false teaching, false programs, false ingrained power siphoning beliefs. The teachings of the Masters, of nuggets of truth within teachings of the ages all of which have been distorted by man in various ways and means all with motives of control and keeping the totality of the people in controllable beliefs.

The Better than Nothing or its not Too bad lens of living only lend to this truth. That we are helpless and victim is we can do “no better” 12662491_10208815771060503_3557779309384275698_nthan …nothing or too bad. Better than Nothing? Really??!!? Indicating nothing is the bottom of the barrel and whatever you do is just SLIGHTLY better than that?

This still stems from giving our power to another, to something that is depleting in life force, to a barely there, giving our power of thinking, of choosing, of creating….to something or anything outside of us and that we follow a Guru, we follow a doctrine (religion – MAN MADE not Divine) and that we, human, with consciousness and power that is within that where directed with intent and purpose, are given to something that does not exist, so that we deplete it, miss the mark (sin) so we don’t find or get or go to or exert self into the way, the path, the sequence, the quest of that which reveals and grows our being, evolves us, into increasing levels of consciousness, awareness to know that God, Christ, Buddha, and multiple other persons/Beings, whose message which was distorted or not understood, was that we are EQUAL.

We have the SAME ABILITIES, TRUTH, EVOLUTION, POWER, CAPABILITIES ….ALL WITHIN IN. All that is out of balance reflects so in our life, our words, our activities, our mental and emotional states.

Are we this – this Power of Creator now? Yes and no.

No. We are not this ….YET. This is a process of evolution that we participate with by free will choice awaiting that spark from us to combine with natural divine cosmic processes to engage. Cosmic, just like the sun and water grows the seed with much more not seen or understood now, we participate, to further our consciousness to then KNOW, remember and SEE this cosmic works that is in motion ALL the time.

There is inner work to do. Self correction. Discipline. Choices – HARD choices. Places that makes one challenge everything with appropriate discernment, understanding, love, openness, willingness. To be okay to LOOK beyond what we were taught that purposefully put FEAR into us if we DID look outside. That should be a key there. The Divine is NOT FEAR and any GOD that exhibits this is MAN MADE not Divine. Those that have and are doing this work we speak of KNOW this as a truth embodied. The Life, the words, the energy, the activities REVEALS it. It is TRUTH FOR EACH ONE OF US awaiting us to seek, find, be.

YES. We have the tools, the sequences, the plans, the codes, within us, within cells, DNA, grey matter, heart, etc and the “work” is to find for ones own self, the path with, the release of these patterns of falsehood of separation, of belittling our own amazing Christed abilities, our Buddha Self, our Creator path of self awakening, personal grown, spiritual development. That which is seen and exhibited by good will behaviors and virtues. Embodied.

That which we BECOME, work upon…..not just post, say, quote, point to, it is a HARD process of great inner reflection, deep looking within and without to every action, every word, sourcing the motivation to find the root and define that which is program that is inorganic, not life affirming, selfish, limited and reclaim, own, actionate, replace with good will, peaceful, loving, honoring, compassionate ways. All this lends one to grow in high attributes of the expanded, Divine Human, the Christ, the God Self, the Higher Self, the Truest Self, the Knowing Self,armsopen5 the God Self, the Over soul to reveal itself as you. For it is ALREADY there in higher form – this is science, not make believe, not story, not all that the world has so consistently used as weaponry against the human for when one believes this is not so, then one becomes part of the mass of ignorance, powerlessness living in cell phones, FB, stresses, mass created separation activities from football to tv shows, to drugs to warring, to controlling resources, creating money to serving the public false idols, toxic food, air and water and well…so much more.

That which is hidden is coming out into greater avenues of voice for all to see, to listen to, to for ones own self, investigate, go deeper then that which is told. Look for truth. And goodness the journey is working on the heart to discern truth. You can find all kinds of levels of truth. The truth we speak of, the Truth that is our highest self, reveals itself as such and stands above the rest. Not by screaming it, not by saying it, not by forcing it, not by egoitizing it, but it rises to the top and ultimately rejoins us as life giving ways of being, living, interacting and shows itself to ALL for we are made of the Truth.

Our potentials within that are attempting to express themselves now, in a vast Cosmic NATURAL process of inner awakening to the human genome continue to get not seen, covered up and more “hypes” are created to keep one busy from ever seeing these truths. The programming has become so instilled by various methods and means, that it has CREATED PAIN within when one attempts to look outside the limits one speaks. YET, ones are, with compasionate heart, heartblue2with determination, with deep inner sparks of …there is something more that attending places, space, activities, reading books, seminars, etc that say the same thing, speak the same stuff and no one ever demonstrates the higher abilities except to be in extreme guilt and control, or empty love and self aggrandizements. All is a tool for lesson, for understanding. Each leads us to another step. All leads to within, while the outside reflects, brings much to look at …inside. For all on the outside is the result of the inner world, our beliefs and thoughts. For as we grow, expand into conceiving that which was inconceivable, when we are able to release the fears and controls within us, we find our strength, our courage, our firming God Nature as us. WE are ALL this.

Looking outside to any one person or thing as the ONE teaching or Source is giving power away. Whatever IT is, must lend one back empowerment. It must not dictate anything. It can remind, teach, enlighten, show, demonstrate, bring things to ponder, challenge within, contemplate, debate within, source, see, etc. Yet, that which is for our growth is that, “it” reveals to us the how and what of what we are to do to be SOVEREIGN. To be EQUAL. To be INTERDEPENDENT. We work together with inner strength, not taking or draining from another. WE work fluidly for that which helps all life. We come together in life supporting and elevating purpose. We expand. We grow. Abundance is the natural law.

Our human purpose – The answer to that BIG question, who am I, what am I here to do. – To be our beautiful UNIQUE Highest expression realized. ( this has multiple amazing expressions for each one of us to find out and add to life)

WE are to be powerful (loving not controlling power) all in our own individual Body without another thing, person, substance or being. And from that understanding, when we do come together in like heart and knowing and connecting to our God Source, we are increased in purpose. and even in that, we are strong, capable, power Sources wherever we are at at all times as we grow our Light. And when these things of which we speak take form, take action, it is seen in each, we rise out of the masses and recognize this path, this truth, for we see the ONE expressed in the many…we see it in all…always, yet it is seen in those experiencing this metamorphosis. We see the mirror of Creator unfolding within others and Self.

Our intention is that these words, this sharing may be taken to HEART and allows you to challenge anything that challenges you out of love, acceptance, power, compassion, abilities of self knowledge of the Divine, self healing, expansion of consciousness. To give yourself permission – to be allowed to go within your own heart to be silent, to meditate, to see outside what may not have been seen in these ways.

It is not pleasant to begin to see the mass outside controls everywhere…in fact it can be and is overwhelming, sad, hurtful, painful, yet knowledge is power. Said many times, knowledge and truth sets us free. And it lends us to look at our self FIRST for accountability and responsibility. We collectively have created this …world. and to begin to clean it up is to see it within and without and begin to clean our own inner house. To BE more loving, honest, kind, compassionate, and to do the will of good, to be the contributor of that which honors all life, no matter how small or large, with REVERENCE, with PURPOSE, with heart felt understanding and be an influence for the better.

EVERYONE has the Creator Connection abilities. SEEK within. Ask. Create quiet time. Ask to be shown in ways that you can not misunderstand. Ask to know for self that which is truth. Feel. Listen. Sense with the feeling part of self. This mostly can be very hard, for we are filled with pain, ego, mistruths, busyness in the mind, yet what is there is peace and a process that lends itself to manage the thoughts, to go beyond these barriers and realize one can control every thought, one does have the RIGHT and CAPABILITY to choose, to own everything that is in our world, our body, our mind, our heart. We begin here…for there is more….this is the path of Creator love realized through us in these times despite the chaos, our human seeds of Divinity are being ignited and it is this that now growing upon this planet. Find your seed. Grow it with love and purity. We reap what we sow. The fields have long been planted and the Cosmic Eternal Light shines to awaken. Mystery of Mysteries are being reveal to all from the inside out….no distortion.

Love be to all in all ways. GSF

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