Global Eyes are opening.

Our collective global family is waking up to that which is not truth.  Challenges.  Time to see what we have allowed and new choices are being made. Hard road, yet learning and choosing out of lesson is this.  We give ourselves love and honor for our lessons learned and commit to rising in integrity, in truth, in humility, in honor of life.

Let us love fully. Let us treat all as sacred. Let us come together and leave the false hoods of the game of separation, conquer, divide and destroy.

All is being seen. Eyes are opening as well as hearts.  Money no longer the goal or ruling aspects.  All equal.  All find money brings nothing but pain and false security. Security is in the truth of knowing our Selves inside and out. Connecting and living as One alive living sacred energy of Divine intelligence.

Humanity is exploring the return to BEING Humane, loving All as Self. Honoring all life as sacred. Unity. Respect. Honor. Solutions. Now time results is what brings this into our reality now through us as us now. In this moment. Clearing our inner house of doubt, fear, judgment and fostering trust, kindness and community opens a path for a New Way of Being for all Life. Life renewed. Life Restored.


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