Go Within

Christ Consciousness Energy continues to pour in. Layers upon layers upon layers of love energy pour into our planet, into our fields and if you allow, into your heart. Here’s the deal, if you resist and stay in actions, thoughts, relationships, experiences that are not serving you, if you are repeating patterns that are painful, hurtful and NOT attempting to find balance, peace, harmony, understanding or love, then is is amplified! in other words what ever you are experiencing you will get more of, except now, with the increased intensity of the energies, you experience it even more so, like the volume is turned on full blast. Time is now to go within, forgive all, including you.
Go within, don’t go into your head and ego to seek out why things are as they are, just allow it to be and go with grace and ease. You can allow yourself to LOVE YOU unconditionally for whatever, about whatever and for whatever! It matters not. What matters is you accept you and all as is, in this moment, with love, from your higher heart, and move forward with THAT ENERGY OF LOVE. Leave the old hurts, negative patterns, fears, anger, resentment, guilt, self blame, finger pointing, and transmute them into love.
This will be the greatest transformation you can experience is going from Dark living to En-lightened Living. Live from your heart. Love from your Heart. We only need to consciously and willingly choose this and it becomes so. As so within, so without.


“The One”

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