God Essence Energies pour in

Grand Day of Astrological Alignment – Star of David

Allow the LOVE to flow in your, through you, around you, over you, up you, down you, with you, under you, and as you today!  We are washed and bathed in magnificently powerful God Essence Energies.

Metatron-CubeThings may come up that could be dis pleasant, but then may a CONSCIOUS choice, a conscious thought and SELECT the LOVE FREQUENCY!   CHOOSE it, Envision your heartspace in your minds eye and breath in……and WITNESS for your own self the power that you are, the power that our Creator is and the Divine Plan underway for ALL to know and realize we are vibrating OUT of the path of pain, lesson and conflict and quickly rising and expanding into the TRUTH REALMS where only LOVE IS REAL!

Blessings BE to ALL upon this most sacred and holy day!

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