God says….Spring has sprung for the Hue-Man

Spring has begun for ALL the planet…no matter the season we say.  NOW is the time for the Hue-Man to burst forth like a seed planted long ago.  The energies of today, are significant.  My energies come forth in yet another way, to awaken a part of you never felt before.

Receive.seed sprouting  Surrender.  Allow.  Enjoy.

Feel the Sun.  Feel the Light of my Love for All.

Today begins a new phase of metamorphosis, of unfoldment, of awakening to deeper levels of the ” I AM” in each.  All is NEW today in the Light of mine.  I rewrite the Book of Life for all as I am The Pages upon which it is written.

Your job and undertaking on this journey has not been easy, yet the challenge has been met many times of.  Special dispensation is afforded with MY blessing.  Receive today what has not been foretold.  Not yet known.  From my heart of hearts, from the GodHead of All, I call you each home into feeling the LOVE that You are, that I AM, that WE are.  This LOVE will bring you back to ONENESS and the knowing of this.  Enjoy this magnificent burst of Spring for your Soul.  Be ye re-brithed into that which you have always been.  My creation of love from love.

Thy Glory reigns down.  The Heavens open the Gates on Earth.  Walk through your heart to find the Door to the Kingdom within and the Kingdom of the New Earth in the physical.

Blessings Dear Children of Light.


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