Grand Day to know love is real

More Grand events come from this day.  Another point in time for humanity’s great shift.
Energies abound.  Hearts continue to open and feel what has not been felt in this body ever.  Love pours in.  Strength and courage to move further into the unseen yet known by the heart.  Nothing is left out.  moongoddessAll is as Divinely Planned.  Surprises await all.  The work has been done, realize that which you know is pure and freeing.  Change continues.
Divine feminine and masculine merge.  Brain hemispheres merging.  Love one another.  See past the illusion that is created in darkness = fear media, warring, judgment, lack, need for protection from this that and the other.
Love is all that is real.  All else man creates from lower emotions.  Nothing need be healed or cured really.  Realize your power of word and thought.  Hold the vision, the belief of wholeness and perfection.  We as your Teachers, we as your Beloveds, We as your Family of Light, bring forth these truths always to remind you of that which is yours to expand into and remember the Laws of the One.  You are whole.   You are perfect.  Your illusion and lesson of experiment has been to temporarily believe differently.  Find the fast path back to  your Divinity.  Go within your heart.  Align within the stillness to find your individual and purposeful connection with the Christed One.

Beloveds I await your calling for I AM always there/here now.  Seek and you shall find.  Ask and it is given.

Love be to you each as you walk the path of awakening to Home within your being, home within your consciousness, Home, that which is God Realized = LOVE.

Blessings be to all.
I AM THAT I AM and all that ever was and will be.
And so it is.

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