Greater work is to HOLD the Light

DO NOT give your attention, your thought or focus to that which is of war, controversy, of bad or less then or fear. No protesting. No sickening photos or harshness for that only BRINGS MORE OF WHAT YOU DON”T WANT.

The Universal Laws are simple, concise and clear. Speak and think upon only that which you desire to be REAL, to MANIFEST, to CREATE, to experience. IF you hold that light, the Light of Good, of purity, of honor, of love, then all will align with it. No need to point out the dark….it is seen and exists because of the pointing out. This is a discipline and conflicts with the human mind of understanding, the ego and the need to be right and heard.

light shine onIf you are in disagreement, then simply exercise it as a test for yourself and see what manifests in your world, consciousness and immediate environment. If you remove the tv, the media of fear storytelling and separation, of gossip, of rehashing the tragedies, the pain, the “how bad is that”, you will immediately see and feel a breath of FRESH AIR, of GOD BREATH and truth reality. It is not ignoring it…by any means, it is the greater work to HOLD the light, the good, the highest vibration without distraction, without wavering, without giving into the curiosities of the lower self and HOLD the vibration, the pattern, the frequency to manifest itself in the outer.

Man will remember these truths and laws for they remain self evident.

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