Hang on! Heavy energies felt

Energies are VERY heavy for most right now. Either to clear the bottom of the barrel stuff of low vibration – old memories, fearful responses, depression x 100, just “bad” feeling stuff, OR to remind you of what is NOT you anymore and time to take new action with new energy and higher choices.

Great week for detoxing – detox from the media and news, eat healthy and whole as possible, lots of good pure structured, clean water, salt bath, lemon water, self massage, quiet time, uplifting aromas, get as much sun and grounding as possible, meditate, reinforce your self commitments for living a loving life.

Employ your master Sacred Self Care routine…and HANG ON! LOL! Behind all these forms of illusions yet appearing as 3D life, are you and me, in higher, lighter, purer Divine Form!

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