Happiness Now

Happiness IS a choice.

It is a chosen state of consciousness as ALL emotions are.  While the inner work continues, remember, know that love, happiness and joy is our natural state of being.happiness available  Love and do not attach your energies, your thoughts, your actions to that which is not loving, inclusive, caring, compassionate, joyful, etc.

Cut the cords of the chains that bind you!  You ARE doing this

Dear Family, all over I hear from you and see, you are REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE in that tiny body that holds expansive consciousness reflections of Creator poured into a body, coming out of service that included…amnesia of Truth of Your Divine Self.

And NOW, RAPIDLY and with avalanche stages of awakening not seen before, you, all are now claiming the Truth protocols for your planet and governship.  It IS bursting forth in the NOW moment….watch higher levels of truth unfold that supports ALL beings in ALL ways and begins new paths of harmony, of equanimity, of well being, of joyful service, or amazing purposeful and out of this world technologies for healing, balancing, movement to self creation from earth source destruction…..more coming!

SEE IT!  EXPECT IT!  CLAIM IT when see. SHARE.  Speak to with others, family, Friends!  Knowledge, awareness…is our BELIEVING INTO SEEING NOW.

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