Happy New Year of Higher and Higher Light – 2012

Happy New YEAR of Higher and Higher Light!The path ahead is Love in all forms.We begin the next first step in a long awaited journey of returning to knowingness. This year will move quite quickly as time will blend into a space of all potentials. Seek to explore and expand your inner reality, expand your feelings of love and follow your heart in all you do. This will lead you to a new way of living life. Living from your higher heart.

See and vision from a childlike space of purity and innocence. Return and remember from within the place of excited anticipation of what wonders will show up next. Prepare to be surprised in amazing and magnificent ways! See and experience life, you, people, nature, events……as if it is your first time to do so. Move and shift into the directions, paths and choices that bring you closer to expressing how much love you have for you. Leave the past behind in all respects.

Look within your heart for guidance, for confirmation of appropriateness of word, action, belief. Re “think” everything through the path of your open and loving higher heart, the One Heart that is connected to all.

Live from these spaces and notice the shifts in your life you may create to evidence your belief of how to live in love, in peace, in community, in respect, in harmony, in appreciation, in joy.

This is the year of GREAT CHANGE for One and for All. This is the year of LOVE coming into action. Love is a science and it is the great equalizer and balance of all things. This year in not like any other as we each stand in a unified place as a humanity taking leaps into the “unknown” of ourselves to find what has always been known. The paradox of being human and finding our way back to our true sacred Self is the quest.

Time to move forward, take actions and steps! No sitting on the couch, taking a backseat, waiting for someone else to do it for you. Yet, nor is it the time to be of anything other than love of purposeful and peaceful action to facilitate change on large or global levels.

The message has been clear and given to us in many forms from all the teachings, texts, word of mouth stories, and truly from our own heart if we just …listen. Yet the message had been diluted by “man” or “rulers” or “the few” to control the many for selfish purpose. Religions, movements and governments have been created or manipulated for the same purpose. This will be no longer…you see it now…change…all over, in many places…like never before. The truth does come from within and is shifting us, one being, one person, one heart, one soul at a time. And this truth, deeper understand and awareness of our expanded Self, our expanded consciousness aside of our body, is being fed by Scientific data of energy, quantum physics, creation laws of nature, cycles, consciousness abilities are moving us to an heightened awareness that what we have “thought” or “believed” or “taught” or “heard” was the way to live, be of think is not congruent with living from the higher heart and caring for and about EVERY single human being without judgment, reservation, agenda, manipulation or expectation.

This years will “force” us to look and shift our life to align with the vibration, the frequency of love in action.

Love is a science. Love changes physics. Love WILL and already is shifting our world. We can speed it up and create smoother change and experiences for ourselves if we come together in this one belief, this one act of turning within to live and create from the eyes and voice of our heart.

I am visioning for love of all and ask you to join in. Share this simple thought. Ponder it. Foster it. Grow it. Nurture it with a passion!

This New Year of 2012 awaits our action and commitment to step into being what we each have wanted, desired or longed for. To love and be loved. Now is our chance. Be it. Create it. Share it. Receive it.

Be in peace. Be in love.

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