Have a Heart

Have a Heart?
 A term used when asking for the addition of love, caring, kindness, compassion, tenderness, mercy and or forgiveness to a situation.
Heart field of energy – just one of many truth aspects of the heart still not taught as BASIC knowledge to all people. Just silly at best. We are energetic and of sound and frequency and this knowing is vital to ones own consciousness growth, health and unfoldment of purpose and connection to Source/Life.
Tune in, focus upon, meditate upon your heart. Your heart picks up what is in its field. It is a door way to your own higher heart. The HEART, known and thought of us a loving space, of Light, of pure intent, is this. The HEART attributes in clarity and optimum form is what the humaemfields_heartearthn is. Removal of barriers, debilitating belief systems, fears, worries, “baggage” allow more access to the Heart Consciousness aspects.

The Heart, the human has been compromised with a multitude or inorganic harmful states – from sound, frequency, blood, food, air, water, vaccines, technology…

we could go on here…..as the list of impurities in our world that degrade our life force are endless upon the earth at this time.

Clearing our bodies, minds, emotions of states of being that are false, hurtful, energy draining, confusing, inorganic to it, limiting, shocking, traumatic, belittling, etc open the pathway to our true senses. That which brings in increased awareness through our FEELING BODY. It is our FEELINGS and HEART BASED self that assists in sensing our non physical environment.
As there are multiple stages of this process of sensing in the journey of consciousness evolution to go beyond the physical senses into expanded sensory abilities that is NATURAL to the human only found beyond the heart. Beginning stages are termed clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience which focus on the physical senses. Increasing in our abilities and spiritual growth and activating more of our natural human capabilities opens the way for experiencing higher sensory perceptions (HSP) from WITHIN and not based on anything received from the outside senses of eyes, ears or mouth. These is based upon activation in the cells and light body to sense and tune into unity field consciousness and knowledge, to a “knowing”.
Quite magnificent we are -our bodies – physical and multdimensional. Quite profound and still hidden are the truths of our abilities, of what we are as Divinheart-energye, expansive, benevolent beings emanating the attributes, virtues and Heart of One Divine essence that seeks nothing but harmony and expansion.
A place to start, go within. Have a Heart. FEEL the heart energy. FEEL. Sense. Out of the mental body, the mental activities. Our Source/God/Creator is not in the mental body, but in the Heart, the FEELING body.
Have a Heart. Love self in this way. Love ALL in this way to further tune in, develop and add to the growth of self into “more” that serves the Whole in seen and unseen ways.
All is needed upon at this time for our planet, our direction, our potentials, our movement forward to be based in pure loving heart intention. Our heart is a tool that knows, sees, hears and loves all in purity and truth. Let us become our Heart in physical form and expression. Our truth is this.
Love s/Self and all.
Renée Snider
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