Have No Doubt

As I humanly question some “things” to do and seek answer outside of myself, I did not received the validations, what I expected to hear and then was in a state of …huh? Then this evening, during ceremony, was lovingly yet firmly realigned and reminded that which is truth is the voice within. Others may not hear the same or see the same, follow the heart, the path within for it leads to our God Self. Outside of us is still distorted Light. Follow that which you know to be true, even if it leads you away from what others or what others think for you to do. Realign and regroup may come for me and many at this time. We have had some many influxes of energies and activations and encodements, that our continual process of expansion and contraction leave us in brief pockets… (or pools) or questioning and reevaluating the outside landscape.


Breath, always rule number one, then breath again, and move into the heart. Find the peace of the path…and if in doubt, patience, then when clarity shows it space again, move as appropriate on your journey. Perspectives changing ever quicker as we collectively get ready for a grand awakening…closer by the day. Have NO DOUBT! No doubt is my continual message from within and without. Let it be yours. Do not doubt the power of the Light of God and all the good it brings. Love rules. Love guides. Love heals. Love is lovely and is the tool of God in action. Love is all that is real. Look and reside within your heart.

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