Heart Brain

13178528_10209726265182287_2096343241160075840_nAlways has been this way and more. We are heart based beings over brain and rationale. Heart opens doorway to seeing beyond the physical. It is the gateway to expanding and growing into more of who we are. Called evolution and NOT the mistruths taught in mainstream.

Experiential. Validated. Beyond human science and understanding, although a great deal is known that is not disclosed while mounds of false information is given and defacto materials.

Heart awareness, feeling, sensing, tuning into that which is innate already to the body, just needs some development from our own self to reconnect, to activate, to skill build.

Heart, opens doors to our more wise self accessing into dimensional aspects of our larger world, also not taught, yet it is known and has been kept from humanity.


Because it brings us into empowerment through self healing, greater awareness, not being able to be controlled, ruled by fear, kept in ignorance, drug induced, ill, helpless. These are states that are unnatural to us and keep us in places of chemical, physical and psychological imbalance so one can not see or hear or think or process or access this inner knowledge and path of personal growth.

Heart consciousness
Heart resonance
Love. Intuitive. Sensing. Aware. Feeling. Feeling. Feeling.

Quiet the spaces around you. Go into the peace of natural environments, outside, nature, streams, ocean, river, grasslands, meadows, mountains, parks, wherever you can be in stillness and without sounds and frequencies of wifi, cellphones, towers, noise, etc. Breath, be in the space. Sense the body. Sense the sun. Feel. Take an hour or two to just be.

Find out who you are without the stimulus and allowing the mind to be quiet or not to be of influence. Still. Peaceful. Feel the heart. Ask to know your own self and heart connection to life, to life force, that which gives life to us. Source the source of ones self.

The heart can open this space. Certainly more than a physical organ, a doorway to the Divine Self.

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