Heart Job

The Job, the task, the work to movepict2, to strive, to listen to the heart, to the Higher Self within. To accomplish this via self control, self discipline to tune into ones feelings, ones TRUTH meter of benevolent connection. The outside, the media, people mimicking what they “hear” without true knowledge or higher understanding fill the internet, the office, the media pathways, the dinner tables….. It is HARD WORK to go within ones own consciousness, eyes closed, to access a space beyond this programming of fear and have not, to find, to taste the sweet space of Creator firelight speaking and loving us. It is worth every effort. This is the task for EVERY HUMAN BEING now, or…later, to bring all back into the loving management of the emotional body, the mental body, the etheric body, the physical. Start or reinforce your time alone with you to. Question anything , any word, thought, chatter, feeling of fear or less than or can’t. WE ARE FREE BEINGS with AMAZING potentials and capabilities. The outside stuff, the fears keep one from finding this truth. That is why it may take work, effort, stillness, quietness and consistency to break through these long held patterns to find that which is IN EVERY BEING, LIGHT, a space that connects us to the heart center, to outside of our human darkness into higher realms of truth, light, consciousness, abilities, healing, peace, etc.

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