Hearts are opening

Hearts open wide once again. Love, compassion and cooperation are becoming the first and foremost thoughts, energies and prayers of people around the world. Many places and people, whether hurricane or drought, whether homeless or losing a home, whether ill or recovering, our hearts send out love and mercy.

As a people we are coming together with intention of helping others to move through the most fearful of times for many. Some feel very numb and confused. Send your love. Many can feel helpless watching the news, sometimes even moreso than those courageously in the midst of chaos itself. Send love to everyone and everything on the planet in this moment. Link all together and grow the love and support for our fellow humans. Love heals on levels we still are incrementally understanding by scientific means.

On a heart level, we each know that love is powerful and the one emotion, the one energy that truly can uplift, help and heal over anything else available. Focus on peace, balance, order, safety and love. See our planet and every person just covered in loving support.

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