Another wave of energy

Another wave of energies arrived at dawn this am and continue to disperse. Follow the spectrum of emotions it may bring to your awareness to view. Honor all. Find the balance, seek the balance. Review, revisit, re frame those that are not pleasing. See the reason for them and use the understanding of that to allow you to elevate the energy to one of greater purpose, greater understanding..that all is based in love, no matter what the front cover may look like.

It is the continual opportunity to expand your being. To go beyond what you have previously thought. We have had limits, ceilings, restraints, bonds, boundaries for so long placed upon us by others and then our own egos, that we simply have believed them often never attempting to go out of them. It is beyond this limits, these closed in feelings that there are expansive and heightened feelings that speak to our heart and soul. It is love. It is joy. It is peace. It is contentment. Is it and underlying field of “all is well” despite what fear based thoughts may be pounding in ones’ head. Those thoughts are old grooves from old patterns and are ready for an upgrade!
Empower yourself. Think something that allows you to feel good. Break the cycle of repetitive thoughts and stories that play in the head and from conversations that feed upon that energy. You get to choose. Sometimes it is quite the challenge, but you CAN do it.
Find the path to love. Seek the thoughts and individuals that support the love and joy in all things.
Go within. Connect to and through the vision of your heart. Let love be your guide.
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