Holy Reunion

Choices. Paths to choose upon. Light. Dark. Finding the Neutral point.
Purification of the finest particles. Light brings forth all that has been hidden. And from that layer, another is reveal…and so on.
944689_10208513692148719_5814258133760595432_nThe Highest Source watches and supports lovingly, yet in Silence while the awakening ones masters yet more of the energetic realities of polarity, creation and the Universal Laws.

The path is singular. The path is strengthening the virtues, the core, the God Self.
NOW time again in the denote of Holy Days, a birth within, a REBIRTH of the Christ-Sophia. Deaths of false selves, of archetypes, personas….deeper cosmic fire ensues for incineration and purification and from the ashes rises the ever purer white Lion of the the Heart. The heart opens wider, deeper, endless. Compassionate. Humble. Self Reflecting the Divine, growing, expanding, feeling, God Flow. The balancing, the re-membering of Selves into wholeness – male female balance in Divine Union.
Loving self and All. For All is One and One is All.
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